Day 169

I won on the Lottery last night – £2.60. That’s enough to buy another ticket and have 10p left over. There’s not much I can do with 10p – can’t send a letter, can’t invest it and I’m not allowed sweets.

Fate seems to keep dangling the prospect of riches just outside my grasp.

If I do win big I’m going to buy an electric tandem and employ someone to pedal it for me if the battery runs out. I am a man of modest ambitions.

We finished the hoovering this morning, tidied under the workstations and washed the doors of the kitchen units, which I forgot to do yesterday. It’s looking smart for its inspection on Monday. All we need to do is polish the counter tops.

There was plenty of time for cleaning because we weren’t interrupted by many customers. We didn’t actually sell anything though the shop, but fortunately eBay came to the rescue with a steady stream of small sales during the day. This was fortunate, as very little sold over the last two nights. It’s been a quiet week, but with holidays, sun and constant talk of a cost of living crisis it’s not surprising people are holding back a bit.

It always makes me laugh when people on TV talk about a cost of living crisis. I’ve seen what they are paid, and it’s clear that we employ different definitions of the words. When you are paid this sort of money, the term “crisis” means cutting down on caviar so you can keep the kids in private education. When you are paid minimum wage, it’s a little harder to deal with.

However, that’s a discussion for a different day. Today is all about us having a clean shop and me winning the lottery.


12 thoughts on “Day 169

  1. derrickjknight

    There were 5 unclaimed prizes in my Mum’s Premium Bonds account. Split 5 ways that made £25 each. We are told they are more lucrative than the Lottery. That seems to prove it.

  2. paolsoren

    I want to know who is getting all the money from selling the things that have gone up in price. And is is just one of those small prices we pay for living in a capitalist utopia.

    1. quercuscommunity Post author

      In the case of my house I suspect that estate agents will gain from the price rise, as they will get more commission. The government will also gain, when they tax me. I won’t gain, as the next house will also have gone up over time, and I still end up paying through the nose. My fate, as a hapless building block of the capitalist adventure, is just to make others rich. 🙂

  3. Lavinia Ross

    A clean shop and winning the lottery is not a bad day in the great ledger of life. Yes, what is expensive to one person can be pocket change for another. It is like being on a number line, and looking one direction, then the other. What is less and what is more depends on where you are.

    1. quercuscommunity Post author

      Yes, a good way to look at life. I have enough and don’t need more, an unambitious view that has seen me consistently at the bottom of the pile, but still laughing. 🙂

    2. jodierichelle

      So true, Lavinia! Whenever I start to think of my life as difficult, for whatever reason, I remind myself that I have a home and a job and a loving extended family to count on and there are so many people in this world who have none of those things. Snaps me right out of it.


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