Day 136

Yesterday I did some bulk cooking. We had pasta bake for tea and finished it off for lunch today. That left me with a lunchbox that needed washing. Easy enough, I thought. Hot water, washing up liquid, put the lid on and give it a good shake. It’s airtight, isn’t it, that’s why it keeps sandwiches fresh.

Imagine my surprise when a stream, of hot water went all over my shaking hand. It appears that sandwich boxes are not as airtight as I thought. Fortunately the water was merely hot. If I’d actually used boiling water the results could have been more painful.

Tonight we had sweet potato and chickpea curry, also cooked yesterday. Tomorrow we will have either ratatouille or curry with baked potatoes. I haven’t quite got the portion control right and we have a helping of each for tomorrow. On Wednesday we will have butternut squash and chilli soup for lunch. Then I will have to cook again. It’s far easier when you just get on with it and do a bulk cook. It’s not exactly inspiring food, but it’s better than buying a takeaway, which is an ever present risk when you don’t plan properly.

I’m thinking veggie burgers and roasted veg for Wednesday, and pizza and salad for Thursday (we already have the pizza bases).Β  Friday is a long way off, but it will probably involve carrots. We have quite a lot of carrots. It’s probably going to be hash. I’m not feeling very imaginative at the moment and we also have quite a lot of parsnips, sweet potatoes and swede, which make quite a good hash. I think we’ll have corned beef with that, as it will have been a meat-free week by then.

Strange to think that a few years ago we I decided to go for meat-free Mondays. Now look at us – virtually vegetarian. It is, I confess, mainly by accident. I didn’t mean to cut so much meat out, and not every week is as meat-free as this one.

The picture is Chickpea and peanut butter thai red curry from some time in lockdown – one of Julia’s recipes.



10 thoughts on “Day 136

  1. jodierichelle

    I’m so impressed with your cooking and your use of non meat ingredients! We are moving that way, too, and it’s so good to get some ideas. Thank you.

    1. quercuscommunity Post author

      It has been a mainly painless transition – a bit like when I gave up smoking. My successful attempt featured a packet of cigarettes kept near the door – I didn’t give up, I just didn’t have one that day . . .

      Same with the transition to veggie-based eating – started on a meat-free Monday and just extended it. We could have meat at any time, but we don’t. πŸ™‚

  2. Lavinia Ross

    Julia’s recipe looks pretty good. Over here, we are tending to be a bit more inventive than usual these days, using what is on hand, substituting where it works.


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