Day 122

I wrote most of Day 121 (Part 2) and then seem to have fallen asleep sitting at the keyboard. When I woke I crawled off to bed and went to sleep. It appears to me that I need to have a good look at my habits, particularly the habits relating to going to sleep at a sensible time.

April has been a poor month from the poetry point of view. Two magazine subscriptions need renewing and only one submission made (though several are still open into May). I know I’m paying for blood, sweat. toil and tears when I subscribe to a magazine, but it still seems like a lot of money. And the tears are often mine. A couple of the submission windows spanned April and may so I bounced them into May. I now have 8 submissions to make in May.Β  Stranger things have happened, but it’s looking like I may fall short of my plans again.

At this point, I started to write about the bleak world of international politics. I seem to be doing this far to often, and really do need to start a programme of cheering up.

This is always a bad time of year for me – the magnolias have fallen, the lilacs and the laburnum are out an I realise that the best part of the year is done.From here we just have summer and a decline into winter. It seems that spring is quicker every year and winters last longer.

The pictures are some of this years poppy pictures.

Spanish Poppy – slightly wind blown. They seem to be stronger flowers this year.

Welsh Poppy – a welcome self-seeded invader.

10 thoughts on “Day 122

  1. Laurie Graves

    Little Brown Jobs—-LBJs—those birds are called here. In Maine, spring is just the beginning, followed by beautiful summer and glorious fall. Maybe it’s because our winters are so long.

      1. Laurie Graves

        I see. Not so in Maine. Lots of blue skies and warm weather. Nowadays, with climate change, it can be a little too hot. But still a sweet time of grilled bread and drinks on the patio as we listen to frogs sing and loons call.

    1. quercuscommunity Post author

      No, I really must get out more, as I keep saying. The sparrows of America are a complicated lot – I have just been looking at them after following your link. Not sure if I’m sorry to lack your variety, or glad not to have so many brown birds to identify. πŸ™‚


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