Day 119

Shopping arrived promptly this evening, but there were two substitutions and one item not available. The item not available was cooking oil. It is our latest panic, with war in Ukraine being blamed. Thanks to President Putin I may find it difficult to make scrambled eggs next week. Olive oil is still available, I believe, though that will probably be the target of panic buying in the next week.

This is a minor inconvenience compared to being bombed out of your home so I mention it not as a complaint, bit simply as an item in my diary of life in 2022.

I will just have to bake my eggs or boil them.

This, I suspect, is how the world will cope. We will approach stalemate in Ukraine. Russia will remain unbeaten. The West will not feel like starting WW3 to support Ukraine and we will all start, metaphorically, to bake our eggs, and ignore the greater problem.

It feels bad to let the aggressor gain territory, but not as bad as having a full scale world war.

And on that depressing note I will change the subject and make  a mental note to avoid blogging in the early hours of the morning. I didn’t plan on blogging at this time, but fell asleep in front of the TV after Julia went to bed, and woke up several hours later with a list of jobs to do.

It wouldn’t have mattered to the world as a whole if I had missed a day blogging, but it matters to me. And that is why, after producing nearly 300 words on eBay customers which was even bleaker than the current post) I moved on to matters of more general interest. I feel that in years to come, when a future student or archaeologist rediscovers my blog, that they may learn something about 21st century events and the baking of eggs. If I write about the evils of eBay customers, it is a subject of less general application.

That seems like a good place to stop, so I will.


8 thoughts on “Day 119

  1. navasolanature

    We might end up with dried eggs! I think you have probably assessed the situation with the maturity of years and Putin too does not want WW3 but will turn the screw and it all seems mad but lets hope not the M.A.D of the cold war era.

  2. Lavinia Ross

    I think we will all have to adapt to changing times, live with instability, and learn to be resourceful. Stay happy and stay well, Quercus and Julia.

    1. quercuscommunity Post author

      Thanks for that link. I will sign up for an account and listen to that. Looks like a few good things to listen to, and at least one of them, I imagine, will be in trouble soon.


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