Day 117 (Part 2)

The first question they asked me at the vaccination centre was “Have you come for a booster vaccination?” I would be asked that twice more. And each time I had to fight the impulse to say “No, I was just passing and thought I’d see what was at the front of the queue.”

You should never be sarcastic to people who are armed with needles. Well, you shouldn’t be sarcastic at all, I suppose, but I find it hard to be nice all the time.

So far all is going well. I have no soreness in the arm, and no other symptoms. This lack of reaction might be a good thing, or it might mean that it is having no effect. It might also be because my cure for side-effects, eating a Belgian bun, has worked well.

Two more Spanish poppies today. It’s a slow start but I’m hoping things will pick up.

We also have a new self-seeded flower in the driveway – a Welsh poppy. I’ve been hoping one would pop up, because other people have them along the street and they can be quite prolific. They normally seem to grow down the sides of houses, which seems strange as I always associate poppies with sunlight. It seems, when I look at the link, that they like shady places. I feel like I should have known that.

Not  a bad day really, the blood sample was quick and painless, the vaccination was easy, the cake was good, and we have a new self-seeded poppy. This gives you some idea of how interesting my days are.


18 thoughts on “Day 117 (Part 2)

  1. Helen

    I constantly have to fight the urge to retort when asked a question with an obvious answer. Or what seems to be an obvious answer.

    I think the reason for asking is actually to check you haven’t made a mistake (yes, I have seen people realise they are in the wrong queue etc).

    1. quercuscommunity Post author

      Yes, I suppose I’d be grateful for them checking if I’d thought I it was a queue for something else. This would be particularly true in hospital – I did once go to the wrong department when looking for urology (my first trip to that particular department). Was surprised to find myself in a room full of young people wearing leather and multiple piercings. They both featured the same sort of words, and the same end of the body, but the one I wandered into was the one more commonly known as the “clap clinic” where I was looking for a room full of old men clutching specimen bottles.

  2. tootlepedal

    I am glad that you have a Welsh poppy. They are very pretty flowers.

    You might be surprised at how many people come to a vaccination centre who don’t want a vaccination.


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