Day 102

Nothing much happened.

In the world outside my limited range of vision, someone destroyed a bit more of our remaining atmosphere by flying away on holiday, someone bought a new handbag produced by child labour in the Far East and yet someone else painted their face to resemble a doll, which makes me wonder about the nature of relationships in the modern world.

Whether these events are better or worse than “nothing” is up to you.

In Nottingham someone probably got divorced, someone else had a car accident and someone died. All these things are bound to happen, and mean someone had a worse day than mine.

In Ukraine, innumerable awful things happened today. I can’t even begin to understand what that must be like. In parliaments around the world politicians with shares in armaments companies made decisions that put millions on the value of their holdings. And our seedy Prime Minister was exposed as a liar by the police when they issued a fixed penalty fine for attending an illegal party during lockdown.

Of course, we then got the same old tired calls for resignation. So, should he resign so we can replace him with someone else from a selection of second-class weasels?

He isn’t much of a leader, or much of a man, in my opinion but in a world where hypocrisy is widespread, which is better – a man of integrity or a man who has been named as the most anti-Russian western leader by the Kremlin?

As I said, nothing much happened today, and I didn’t even call for a politician to resign.

Todays photograph is my workspace. It probably says a lot about my life.

12 thoughts on “Day 102

  1. Lavinia Ross

    The world is brimming with bad news. Rick and I watched an episode of The Last Kingdom last night. With each episode, we remark to each other on how things have not changed much, except for technology, since the 900s. 🙂


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