Day 85

Time, I think, to get organised. I’ve been sleeping so much that I am feeling refreshed and ready for anything. I also just read a post that talks about the Hundred Day Project, and it reminded me how I used to make myself practice.

Strange how you can forget. I’ll be doing something to remedy the situation in the next week or two, but for now I have to concentrate on getting some submissions finalised and sent out. That’s often the problem – having so much to do immediately that I can’t see the wood for the trees.

I have at least remembered to order a new supply of pills online – I can often take a week to remember as I switch the computer on, then wander off to do something more interesting. Tonight, however, I went there first. Ridiculous how I feel so happy to have done something right. It’s not as if it’s difficult. Well, not for most people, just us procrastinators.

I needed to get the top off a jar tonight. It’s a sure sign of growing old that I even think this is a subject worth discussing. My preferred method is to increase my grip with a rubber band wound round the lid, but I never have one when I need one. My next method in order of precedence is to release the vacuum seal by pouring boiling water on the lid and making things expand. This didn’t work. Method three is to tap the top on the work surface, though I’m always worried about breaking something. This finally worked.

My fourth method is to shout for Julia and act helpless. She usually takes the lid off easily. If not, we have method five, which is to release the vacuum by punching a hole through the lid with a decent sized knife. If that doesn’t work you really do have a tenacious lid.

The photos are the only ones I have with “jar” in the title.

Glass Jars


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  1. jodierichelle

    My go to jar opener is to take the handle of a butter knife and tap it smartly around the edge of the lid – angled down a bit – not horizontal. It always works. So far.


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