Day 79

In the old system of posting I would probably have gone for “2,600!”. This is actually post number 2,602, as I always seem to miss the numbers by a couple of posts, but it would have been near enough. Nor every title was a great one, even when I was supposedly trying.

I’m now thinking of writing two posts a day. That means that by “Day 279” I could be writing my 3,000th post. All I need is the ability to use time efficiently, remember to post on time, and cover lots of subjects. I have many subjects but am slightly deficient in the other two departments.

However, I started a gardening business without knowing anything  about gardening, so launching into things whilst lacking the basics is not a new experience.

I included in my adverts that I was qualified as an Agricultural Training Board Craftsman. You used to have to do four tests and you got a little red book with the four test slips glued in. You could do more but four was the minimum, and was worth extra money. I think it may have been £2 a week, but in those days I only took home about £15 a week for 6 days, so £2 was worth having.

Thirty years later two customers actually took me on based on that qualification. To be fair, they thought I was qualified in Horticulture, but they kept me on anyway, so it was worth doing the tests.

We had cake this afternoon, despite my diet, because one of the neighbours had baked for her brother’s 75th birthday and had stuff left over because one of the families due to attend had tested positive for Covid. It’s still out there . . .

Tomorrow we are having Lemon Meringue pie from the same delivery. I like Lemon Meringue pie. It’s probably misnamed, because it doesn’t have a crust, unless you count meringue, and is probably Lemon Meringue tart. It’s one of those topics to be reserved for a winter’s night of rambling arguments – pie/tart, shepherd’s pie/cottage pie, different to/different from. Sadly the traditional tomato/tomato doesn’t really work in print

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