Day 76

I started reading some blogs last night, which took the best part of an hour. It was more entertaining than surfing eBay, but it didn’t help me in my search for cheap medallions, so it was a case of swings and roundabouts.

I meant to read some more tonight but I seem to have swerved from the path of righteousness and started browsing poetry sites looking for ideas on writing better poetry. No luck so far. Practical help is hard to find. Tomorrow night I will read more. It has now crept into the early hours of the morning and I need to make sandwiches and get to sleep.

First, however, I need to get to 250 words.

We are now seeing a more normal pattern to the business, with more regular customers returning and some trade customers – even one from overseas. It makes life a bit more interesting and stops me wondering about the future quite so much. I have just over two years to go before pension and would hate to find myself unemployed, as it would be awkward to find a job and even more awkward to stretch one wage between the two of us.

Even ten years ago I’d just have gone asking for work, or started something up myself, as I did with the gardening when I decided antiques were no longer paying. Now, with white hair and a walking stick I’m not quite as employable as I once was.

I could, as I said to Julia, go on the street and sell my body. Her reply that only medical researchers would be interested was, I feel, a touch unkind.

I am going to lit this as “uxorial unkindness” in the Tags, as I am on a quest to use more words.

More stained glass. Well, I like stained glass.


9 thoughts on “Day 76

  1. Donnalee of Kingston NY

    Yes, lovely stained glass. I once took a nightclass on how to make it using that “Tiffany copper-foil method”, so have bits of it around that I made for cheap decades back. The method is to put a thin copper foil onto the edges of the glass and to solder onto that, and apparently it was a unique method. It was fun at any rate.

  2. paolsoren

    I just had a thought. I wonder if there might be some Australian medallions that are not common in England that I could scratch around and look for for you

    1. quercuscommunity Post author

      Thanks for the thought – at the moment the plan is just to look for one British medallion for each year from 1900-2000 (because I’m not quite sure when centuries begin and end). However, all my plans are subject to change, so I’m keeping your offer in mind. Thank you.


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