Crepuscular rays at Rufford Park

Day 72

As the sky changed to twilight and the day turned to the time known as “Sunday evening” my neighbours seemed to wake up and realise they still had time to ruin the day. One, who had spent a couple of hours in the afternoon perfecting his car door slamming technique, decided that he really needed to cut some wood with an electric saw, and one just down the hill decided that what we really needed was a ten minute barrage of fireworks. They weren’t particularly interesting fireworks, but they were noisy and obtrusive.I’m not sure what he was celebrating, but assuming that his intention was to disturb and annoy, he succeeded.

At one time Sunday evening was a quiet time where adults prepared for work and children went to bed with dire thoughts of school in their minds. Now it appears to be a peak time for making pointless noise.

The cut-off time between Sunday afternoon (when we were expected to dress in our “Sunday best”) and the dreaded evening was “Songs of Praise“. It used to be broadcast after 6pm, but has steadily moved earlier and earlier. I had noticed it was on in the afternoon but when I check up I find it is now at lunchtime. All the old certainties are being swept away. It’s difficult to have confidence in a world where we have “Songs of Praise” at lunchtime and fireworks in March. Fireworks used to be strictly for 5th November, but now they are spread throughout the year. Either celebrating the burning of Catholics is becoming more popular, or more old traditions are being swept away.

I’m glad, to be honest, to see the back of “Sunday best”. It was very frustrating to sit inside being quiet and tidy when there were fields outside and mischief being left undone.

However, it could be worse. I know of streets where the neighbours are far noisier, and if we were in the Ukraine it wouldn’t be fireworks that disturbed my evening.

It’ a 29 hour drive to Kiev. Just 1,693 miles by road. That’s like driving from Land’s End to John o’ Groats and back again, or the same as Boston to Oklahoma City in the USA. Imagine what would happen if Texas invaded Oklahoma.

It sounds quite close, doesn’t it?

19 thoughts on “Day 72

  1. tootlepedal

    Your last remark made me distinctly nervous. In general, I am more worried now than I was during the Cuban missile crisis but that might just be age because I can remember that my father being more nervous about the impending apocalypse then than I was. When you are young, you blithely think that no one could be that stupid, but when you are old, you realise that they are.

    1. quercuscommunity Post author

      Yes, age definitely brings a change in perspective. I’m afraid it’ a no-win situation for the West. We will compromise to preserve the peace and that will be a sign to Russia that aggression works.

      Danegeld and appeasement do not have a good track record in the long term.

      As long as it keeps the peace for your grandchildren it will be good enough.

      1. quercuscommunity Post author

        I am keeping my fingers crossed and telling myself that worrying won’t change anything. I have also donated this months collecting budge t to the UNHCR. It’s a small gesture but I thought I would make it anyway.

    1. quercuscommunity Post author

      It is. I grew up with the concept of the three minute warning, and had hoped it wouldn’t be a factor in the lives of my kids. The world is going backwards . . .


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