Day 41 (Part 2)

A slight departure from titling protocol, but not a major one.

I had my INR results – I’m just within range and they have, as a reward, given me a month until I need to go again. I am happy.

For my second post of the day I am going to talk about trousers and their role in memory for the over 60s.

They are a style of trouser that has gone by many names over the years. I first encountered them when they were in military surplus shops, sold as “lightweight trousers”. I’m not sure I ever saw any “heavyweight trousers”, though they may have been more suitable for a man of my size and shape. They went on to be known as “cargo pants”, “combat pants” and later became “workwear”.

I just looked them up and find they are also called “tactical trousers”. It’s a much more English term than “pants”.

The defining characteristic is not that I am about to go into combat, either in the army or in a SWAT team. The West may be under pressure from Russian sabre-rattling but it has not yet reached the point where it needs to call me up.  It is the pockets. Mine have 8. I believe some have 14. This means that you don’t have to lose things, you just have several sets of identical trousers and keep the same thing in the same pockets.

Right thigh – wallet and folding magnifier. Right hip – ready-use handkerchief. Left hip, clean handkerchief (which is like the other but without the blood, oil and snot which I always seem to end up with) and pocket change. Left thigh – mobile phone. Left lower leg – notebook, RADAR Key and spare change. I tend not to use the other three.

Every time I change my trousers I move the contents of my pockets, and I very rarely mislay anything. It’s a lot simpler than remembering things all the time.

No, it’s not necessarily a system that would suit all people, but it’s something to think about. Remember, I may not look smart, but while you are wondering where you put your phone, I am composing poetry in my head.

Complete with braille

The big top helps people with stiff fingers when it comes to grasping and turning








As you will have noticed if you read the link – it’s not an official key but I don’t like filling in forms when I can just get one on eBay.



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  1. derrickjknight

    A year or so ago Lidl central aisles had a spate of stocking working trousers. I now have enough pairs to see me out, and wear them daily. I can’t be as fixed in my pocket allocations because the design tended to vary.


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