Day 40

A couple of days ago, prompted by the loss of my glasses and a comment by Tootlepedal, I planned a post on memory loss in my dotage. The link isn’t actually to the post I wrote a couple of days ago, but it didn’t come up in the search – I will have to look manually. Ah, here it is – Day 38.

Unfortunately, and this is going to sound like I just set this up as a joke, I forgot to write it.

Last night I also didn’t write about my cookery. We had ab timing issue as young people say. They say it because they never want to take responsibility for anything they do.

The actual facts are that I got the timing wrong. The reason I got the timing wrong was because I was on eBay when I should have been pottering around in the kitchen. So the red cabbage, which should have been steaming in a minimal amount of water and vinegar, carbonised itself on the bottom of the pan and while I was scraping that the cheese sauce took a grip on the saucepan and refused to let go and I forgot the potato wedges were on high. . .

The gammon was nice and the cauliflower and roasted leeks were OK.  The wedges were crispy, the cheese sauce wasn’t great and the red cabbage was, to quote Julia “inedible”. I ate mine, but I suppose I’ve grown immune to my own coking over the years. It had what we chefs call “a smoky finish” but was OK. I’ve eaten worse, after fifty years of cooking without training, I’ve cooked some real horrors.

I’m doing vegetable stew tonight and hoping it will be problem free. Fingers crossed.

The featured image shows what happens if you photograph a black lacquer effect coin presentation box without concentrating.

17 thoughts on “Day 40

  1. charliecountryboy

    Sounds delicious. I like cauliflower but Gillian says it’s too expensive??? I mean how much can a cauliflower cost? Although sometimes I think it tastes of fish?? I have wondered if they use fish meal as a fertiliser ??

    Now, the roasted leeks have caught my attention. I recently started roasting broccoli and oh, my! that is gorgeous. How do you roast the leeks?

    1. tootlepedal

      In answer to your question about the price of cauliflower, they cost an absolute fortune just now. I bought one recently that cost more than a half pound of butter.

      1. quercuscommunity Post author

        The ones I have been getting from the supermarket recently have been large, which helps. I hate the ones the size of a cooking apple. I used the leaves off this one to provide greens in the vegetable stew.

    2. quercuscommunity Post author

      Caulis can appear expensive at some times of year when the price goes up and the size goes down. You can roast them too – look up “cauliflower steak”.

      Not sure if farmers still use fish meal, or if it’s just gardeners these days.

      I either cut the leeks into round about an inch or two long and do them amongst the other veg or a bit longer if I’m doing them without other roasted veg. Spray them with a bit of oil and see what happens. Sometimes they go soft, sometimes the outer leaves crisp up nicely – I’am always surprised by what can happen but i have never made a mess of them yet. 🙂 Cheese sauce goes with them too.


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