Day 37

Another day, another excuse . . .

If I had to write down everything I did each day of my life it would be a short list, easily condensed into sleeping, eating, muttering, snoozing (which is similar to sleeping but in a chair in front of TV), snacking (similar to eating but see previous definition), reading, writing, browsing eBay, cooking and making sandwiches. there is no entry for washing up or housework as Julia says I never do any. Or exercise, self improvement or personal grooming. I don’t see the point. Yes, there are several other activities, but good taste and literary style allow me to omit them. Oh, on-line grocery shopping, nearly forgot that modern pleasure.

In fact, I did forget it, so I just booked us a date and shopped by running down the list of favourites. It is quicker that way, though the menu is definitely less varied and you can end up with duplication and over-ordering if you don’t check. I’ll check tomorrow. That way I know the order is in. I don’t mind tinkering with the order, but I hate having to do it allΒ  at the last minute. When I reserve the slot, and forget to shop until the night before, it can get quite fraught.

I’m finally beginning to pick up the reading again, after a month of only reading articles. I am now fully clued up on social-control by Communion Token, the use of Co-op tokens and the manufacture of plastic tokens from the late 19th century to the present day. Unfortunately, though it’s quite interesting (to me, at any rate) it isn’t quite as relaxing as a good detective story or as mentally nourishing as a novel. I am trying to get back to books.

On the other hand, I make my living by knowing stuff like that, rather than by discussing the finer points of literature.



13 thoughts on “Day 37

    1. quercuscommunity Post author

      The author did a good job, using examples taken from the memoirs of 19th Century Ministers. He must be a dedicated man – even the edited highlights were hard work. πŸ™‚

    1. quercuscommunity Post author

      They are 1/10th Pennies from British West Africa (Nigeria, Ghana, The Gambia and Sierra Leone) Current 1907-68. Also used by Togo and Cameroon after they were taken from Germany in the Great War and Liberia from 1907-43 (when they adopted the US Dollar.

      The hole in the middle is said to be there as the population mostly didn’t have pockets so kept them on strings.


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