Blood Test

I had a blood test this morning. It was a success as they found blood first time. The trouble was that it was difficult to stop. Hopefully this means that the Warfarin is working and I can have a couple of weeks off before the next test. By that time I’m hoping that the booster vaccination panic will be over and they will have enough nurses at the surgery to start testing there again. All these political plans are fine, but you can’t just vaccinate millions of people without someone losing out. In this case more vaccination means less blood testing.

They should have trained more vaccinators. It’s not difficult. I’ve done hundreds of thousands of chickens and. last time I was in hospital, I was taught how to inject myself with anti-coagulants. I was actually better at it than some of the nurses. The only problem is that with so many people looking to complain about vaccination they are probably scared of letting a group of volunteers loose with needles.

Vaccinations would be very different if I was in charge. I’d just have a queue of people walking past a team equipped with converted poultry vaccinating guns. Sounds a bit impersonal, but it would have got the job done quicker.

I would also have done all the politicians first to prove it was safe. Let’s face it, it’s win-win. If it works it proves it’s safe. If it isn’t safe, who’s going to miss a few politicians? You could even run a raffle for the chance of sticking a needle in Boris Johnson.


8 thoughts on “Blood Test

  1. tootlepedal

    The trouble with doing the politicians first is that then curmudgeons will complain that they are queue jumping. I like the idea of marching the general population past ranks of volunteers armed with poultry vaccinating guns. It might need a little polishing in the presentation phase though.

  2. Lavinia Ross

    It is good to hear they found blood the first time! I know the feeling of being stuck more than once. Not pleasant.

    They could always recruit veterinarians and veterinary students to help with vaccinations as well as medical and dental students. Didn’t they do that during the first wave of vaccinations?


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