Christmas Looming

Today was another of those days that drifted gently down the stream of life with scarcely a ripple.

The morning started in a moderately interesting way when we joined a traffic jam. Ten minutes later we were diverted down a side road as Police Officers directed traffic around a bus. There was a mechanic’s van, a recovery vehicle and a fire extinguisher. I couldn’t any more than that. As I say “moderately interesting”.

And that was it. We lost a medallion that someone had ordered, and deduced that we were lacking a small box. It eventually turned up under my desk, so that wasn’t a great start to the morning. I must do better.

We had  a couple with a young child in during the morning. I engaged the kid in conversation because he was becoming bored and he asked his mum why Santa was working in a coin shop. I really should trim my beard again. And lose more weight.

At home we discussed the Christmas shopping, which I really must sort out tomorrow, as it’s only 11 days to Christmas.  First I have to address the Christmas cards to my family. Every year I say I’ll slip a note in as I should get better at keeping in touch. And every year I panic at the last moment and struggle to get them in the post, once again with good intentions but no letters.

Actually it’s only ten days till Christmas as midnight has slipped by. Where did they all go?

Yes, that is me in the picture. It’s a few years ago . . .

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