That’s what Julia found today, clustered in a gap in the polytunnel door frame. I thought they were hardy tomatoes when she first showed me the picture on her phone, but they turned out to be ladybirds. I don’t have the patience to count spots but she seems to haveΒ  a few different sorts.

Sometimes I miss the active life outdoors, seeing nature and getting lots of healthy exercise. Other times, I don’t. There’s a lot to be said for sitting inside. It isn’t exactly warm in the shop, but at least I can feel my fingers and toes. That wasn’t always the case when working outside in winter, as I recall.

That’s why I’m cooking tea – to atone for my wimpish ways in working indoors. Nothing special, just pasties with cauliflower cheese and nobby greens (that’s Brussel’s Sprouts if you don’t live round Nottingham).

The timer just went. I think that means it’s ready.

Here’s the picture again, partlyΒ  for symmetry and partly to cover up the short post.




24 thoughts on “Ladybirds

      1. Lavinia Ross

        All is good here. Triple vaccinated, taking reasonable precautions and hoping for the best.

        I made some pinot noir jelly this year, and was pleased with it. I had planned to make applesauce, too, but I think I am a bit late. Too many other things. Some of the apple varieties hang on fairly well, so I may get some yet.

        The weather has been wet, but not too cold, yet. πŸ™‚

      2. quercuscommunity Post author

        I have had a date for my fourth vaccination – though it is conditional on the guidelines still being the same in 6 months time. Typical – they give me pills to cure my arthritis and I have to have an extra vaccination to compensate. πŸ™‚

        We have just entered “Plan B – a nightmarishly imprecise fudge of a plan – you can still hold football matches but the coin club meeting is cancelled. Pah!

  1. Helen

    Well, fancy seeing ladybirds without spots! I did have a notion they existed but this is first I’ve seen.

    As for cold hands, it is difficult working when the digits start to go numb.


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