Fully Boostered and Thinking of Adventure

Today, I am going to start with booster vaccinations. I had my covid booster this morning and managed to get to work on time, so that was a good start.

I arrived ten minutes early, was vaccinated by 9.30, which was actually my appointment time, and after waiting fifteen minutes I was released. It took me 12 minutes to get to work and I actually found a parking space in front of the shop.

My arm ached for a minute or two when I first used it to change gear but that went away. It is still a bit sore to touch, so I’m just not touching it. Despite the temptation.

Julia is on her way back from visiting Number One Son, the groceries are ready to pick up from TESCO and there is a full day of untouched washing up to do. Time to start moving.

It’ frightening how quickly a married man can revert to bachelor habits. I had a takeaway curry last night, turned the fire up full, put Outback Opal Hunters on, and fell asleep for nearly three hours. Luxury.

I’d rather prospect for gold in Australia than opals, simply because a lot of opals are found in mines and I’m a bit claustrophobic. They also seem just to carve away without anything to hold the roof up. I’d like to see a lot more pit props. I like opals, but I don’t want to die a lonely underground death with several tons of Australia stacked on top of me. Much better to die from heatstroke or snake bite with my metal detector in hand. However, I can’t see any of those scenarios coming to pass, I’m too old for adventurous careers – shop work suits me just fine at the moment.


22 thoughts on “Fully Boostered and Thinking of Adventure

  1. Clare Pooley

    We enjoy having a take-away meal but living six or more miles from the nearest towns we cannot get them delivered. We phone, collect and drive like the clappers to get them home before they get too cold. We have a good selection of Chinese, Thai, Indian, Italian and fish and chip shops so not too bad in the country either.
    Both Richard and I have had our boosters and our flu injections though my 91-year-old mother still hasn’t had her booster. Her surgery is at fault I think, though Mum refused to phone them to find out what was happening as she didn’t want to make a fuss. I have made her an appointment on-line but it won’t be until the 8th December.
    I hope you got that washing-up done in time! Julia wouldn’t have wanted to find that on her arrival back home. πŸ˜€

    1. quercuscommunity Post author

      I used to live in the country thirty years ago. Three miles from the shop, five from the chip shop and ten from the supermarket and Chinese. No curry or pizza. I was, of course, thinner . . . πŸ™‚

  2. Donnalee of Kingston NY

    I WISH we had any good takeaway Indian food near us, but there’s not even a bad one anywhere around. I tend to revert to putting a frozen pizza in a big frying pan with water (really) to keep it from burning and to help it all cook and a ton of vegetables, frozen or canned, right on top of it and let it all cook and make that a couple of meals. No one else seems interested in eating this, for some reason…

    1. jodierichelle

      OMG that sounds horrific. LOL Doesn’t the crust get soggy? I’m totally up for frozen pizza with veggies of questionable origin – but you lost me with the water.


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