Feeling more like my old self

Since writing the word “covid” in the blog I seem to have attracted a number of people who want to make comments on the evils of vaccination. Covid made me tired, but it didn’t make me tolerant. I’m happy for you to have the freedom to express your views but I’d like you to express them where I don’t have to see them. I have found out where the Spam button is and have, to be honest, enjoyed using it.

My unscientific observations seem to show that people who have had two vaccinations (and this sample includes two 80 year olds and a man with a serious heart problem) tend to describe covid as like having a bad cold, and being very tired. They don’t, as unvaccinated people still do, tend to clog up hospital beds and die.

If I eventually find that covid was a government plot or a way to vaccinate me with mind control nanobots I will just have to accept that I was wrong. Considering that our government couldn’t organise a party in a brewery I find it unlikely that they have managed to orchestrate a massive vaccine-based attack on society.

I’m now searching for a witty and upbeat ending. I’ve tried a couple but they are all rather bleak. That’s what happens when you write about governments and death.

Instead, I will merely point you in the direction of this link. Encourage bio-diversity by helping a Hen Harrier.  I normally get annoyed when people give to animal charities when there are so many humans needing help, but I like birds and don’t mind giving a few quid to help, particularly as the wife of a well known blogger is involved in the project.

I searched for a picture of a harrier (though I only have pictures of Marsh Harriers) but kept seeing food pictures. I am still hungry . . .

It’s Afternoon Tea at Botham’s of Whitby in September 2019.

13 thoughts on “Feeling more like my old self

  1. tootlepedal

    I am really sorry that these nitwits have added to your woes. On the other hand, I am very happy about your link to the hen harrier project and I will tell Mrs Tootlepedal about it. We are keeping our fingers firmly crossed that all will go well with the bid.


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