Good News

Thanks for your good wishes everybody – I can now report that after two days with no Warfarin I am back in the target zone and, with any luck, will stay there.

The cause might simply be Covid, or it might be that I changed my diet dramatically during Covid. You can never be quite sure. However, as I also changed my diet dramatically whilst my leg was bad, and didn’t see any changes from that, it might be as simple as just having Covid.

There are other drugs available, but I need to lose weight before I can use them, so the remedy is in my hands. I’ve been eating a bit more over the last few days, in case that was part of the problem, but now have to stop again. I have already lost a reasonable amount of weight after the episode with my leg (loss of appetite and the inability to walk to the fridge both helping my will power) and I want to build on that.

My ideal weight, according to my medical records, is 12 stone (or 168 pounds for those of you who work that way). When I was 16 and looked like a beanpole, I was twelve and a half stone, and when I went to work I  bulked up a bit with all the physical work and ended up at about 14 stone. That was, to be fair, where I should have stopped. In those days my ideal weight was 14 stone according to the medical profession. Like so many things over the years, they have adjusted things to make me look worse.

I am off to bed now (still tired after Covid) and am going to start tomorrow with healthy habits in mind. The reason for the poppy? We still have one or two blooming every morning – they really are very persistent.

17 thoughts on “Good News

  1. jodierichelle

    Wonderful news! Best of luck to you in your new good habits. I do find that success, such as you have had with your weight loss, makes it easier to keep going.

    I love poppies. I have tried planting them by seeds and by (expensive) plants but just don’t seem to have the knack. It’s an unmet goal of mine to have a bunch of poppies.

    1. quercuscommunity Post author

      I have planted expensive poppies in the front garden and met with no success. I have planted seeds in all sorts of places and met with no success. The ones in the garden just blew in and took over. The ones at the ecocentre were the result of tipping out a free packet of seeds from the front of a magazine (Californian) and they just took off.

      1. quercuscommunity Post author

        I’ve never worked out how such a weed can also be so difficult to grow. 🙂 When we move I am going to try again with some of the more showy varieties – my retirement plan.

  2. tootlepedal

    Hooray. Well done.

    I am trying to regain the beanpole figure of my youth and the top and bottom section are not too bad but the middle is a problem, A sweet tooth is my downfall. I hope that you have better luck than me with your plan. I can thoroughly recommend cycling for exercise as it is very hard to eat and cycle at the same time.


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