Bad Start to the Week

Sorry, I fell asleep in the chair last night so did’t post. Then tonight I decided to shake up my routine by not using the computer until late. I got that wrong – got carried away watching TV and suddenly it’s late and I still have a blog to write and sandwiches to make..

So here I am.

Not much to report.

I injured my foot this morning in a rather foolish pedicure accident. AsΒ  a result of the Warfarin it took just over an hour to stop the bleeding. I would normally gloss over this sort of stupidity, but if this is to b a warts and all diary I need to tell the truth. I am irredeemably stupid, don’t have the sense I was born with and can’t be trusted to put my socks on without incident. That;s not me being self-deprecating, that’s a direct quote from the Court of Enquiry hosted by Julia when I had to call for help. She wasn’t amused, and that First Aid Course she did last week appears to have skimped on information about pedicure incidents.

I’ve been watertight for the last 17 hours, so the repair seems to have held. With all the excitement I couldn’t take Julia in to work and had to take my breakfast to the shop. Not the best start to the day for either of us. I should have fitted in a blood test this morning too, but had to miss it. Ironic, as I could have provided plenty, and all without needing a needle.

We haveΒ  a severe weather warning with thunder and lightning tomorrow, which is OK for people like me who work indoors. Not quite so good for Julia, who will be out in the gardens with her group. She says she will take a coat. I think they’d be better cancelling the session. You can do without that sort of stuff when you are out in the garden and all the shelter you have is either a steel portacabin or a polytunnel with steel hoops. I keep thinking of lightning conductors . . .


22 thoughts on “Bad Start to the Week

  1. tootlepedal

    I am glad that I have read all the comments so I know that your story had ended comparatively well. Still it may go some way to explaining your next post.

  2. Lavinia Ross

    Sorry to hear a bout the foot accident, and I hope Julia was not caught out in a thunderstorm. I woke around 2:00 AM today to bright flashes of light, a silent show of lightning to the southeast over the mountains. Too far away or was cloud to cloud, there were no rumbles. I watched it for a while before drifting back to sleep.

    1. quercuscommunity Post author

      When my Dad went into a Care Home my sister found Stanley knife amongst his bathroom paraphernalia – he’d been using it for years instead of clippers! It’s clearly genetic. πŸ™‚

      1. quercuscommunity Post author

        I remember Dad doing that too, in his younger days. Did I tell you about the time I found my grandmother standing in the kitchen sink to change a lightbulb?

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