An Email from WordPress

I’ve just had an email from WordPress telling me what a valuable member of the community I am and telling me that it’s almost my anniversary date. In other words, they want my money. For my money they will provide, amongst other meaningless claptrap, the “Ability to install plugins to give your site more functionality”.

If you remember the story, it was only the fact that I had the Business Plan that enabled me to install a plug-in and keep using WP after they made a number of alterations that made it virtually impossible for me to use the system. So, let’s get this straight, for £240 per annum I have access to plug-ins which, due to the “new and improved” editor system, allow me to carry on using an editor system that is worse than the one I used when I first joined in 2014. That’s progress . . .

However, it isn’t value for money and I have the feeling that I’m being taken to the cleaners.

I have been thinking that I should give the new editor a go now that I have  anew computer and Operating System, but I’m still not sure that I like being shoved around by WP. All the old negativity is coming back. If I go over to the new editor I may as well take this site down and start again with a  new plan – the Personal Plan at £3 a months seems good value and gives me all the features I currently use, apart from the lack of LIve Chat Support and the fact I’d have to get used to the new editor. For a saving of over £200 a year, I think I can do that.

I just need to think of a new name for the Blog and persuade about a dozen people to follow me across to it (the other 2,000 followers being a fictional way for WP to massage my ego, and keep my wallet open). It will, no doubt, play havoc with my photo storage, and I will have to drop back to posting a couple of times a week to reduce my need for photos, but it’s probably the way to go. It’s either that or start making money from blogging, but every time I look at doing that I realise I don’t know what they are talking about. This is a shame as, from what they say in their adverts, these top bloggers are making a fortune. Most of the fortune, of course, comes from gullible people like me who think there is money to be made from blogging.

I did get an e-book from Amazon about how to be a prolific, high-earning writer on the web, and it seems to involve writing lots of poor quality novellas (at the rate of one  month). It doesn’t really get me any closer to earning money, but it does move me closer to understanding why their are so many pitifully poor quality cozy mysteries on Kindle.

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  1. paolsoren

    The reason WP continues to wreck merry hell with us is because they know we are addicted and like any drug dealer and they can increase the cost knowing that we, the addicts, will continue to pay.


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