A Badly Filled Evening

I came home, I did some reading, and took a call from the GP Practice Nurse who rang to nag me about various tests. It ended slightly uncomfortably when I pointed out, after a discussion about cholesterol, that she was trying to make me appear ill to satisfy some NHS agenda. We had the same  sort of discussion a few years ago. I just have naturally low cholesterol. It’s due to my genetics, not to a a virtuous diet, but I do object to them trying to turn me into a cripple. I’m overweight and have  a few problems associated with that. This is my fault and the remedy lies in my hands, or in the case of cake, in not having it in my hands. It is time to start work on my weight. I have never had a problem with cholesterol and I object to them trying to get me on even  more medication. I already have more than enough, and they can’t get that right much of the time. Why give them a chance to foul up even more.

We then had tea (pasties, cauliflower steak, cheese sauce, carrots and roasted leeks in case you were wondering). hen we had a bit of cake because w had some left from the tip to Scarborough. I proceeded to watch too much TV and read a book about writing poetry that was written by a poet who should have paid an editor to edit her prose. It was also probably not a good idea for her to suggest reading good writers to improve my writing. It’s not bad advice, it’s just that her suggestions we (in order) her, Hemingway and Dickens.

A touch of modesty would not go amiss.

19 thoughts on “A Badly Filled Evening

  1. tootlepedal

    I gave up the statins and on my last test my cholesterol had gone down. As I am eating less sugar and trying to keep fit, that might explain it. There was a chance for the health service to be a health service when it was founded but they didn’t take it and it became an illness service as you say.

    1. quercuscommunity Post author

      Yes, it does seem a bit that way. A friend of mine researched the cholesterol question – it seems that people descended from isolated mining and farming communities often have low cholesterol inherited from generations of hard-working ancestors. 🙂

  2. Clare Pooley

    I have given in to my surgery and am now on low-dose statins to lower my cholesterol. It wasn’t that high – mainly ‘good cholestorol’ but I can’t stand out against a naggy nurse for too long and they are trying their best to look after me, I suppose.
    That poetry book sounds a real corker!


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