A Setback and a Brilliant Idea

At 9pm I was short on inspiration and full of pizza. I decided that Death in Paradise would fill an hour and still allow time to write the blog (which was up to 24 consecutive days). Unfortunately things didn’t go to plan and I am now back to Day 1 and have  a bad back from sleeping in the chair for three hours. Even worse, I am now 100% awake in the middle of the night, when I should really be sleeping.

I was short on inspiration, but something always crops up. In this case, after suggesting a new item of cycling clothing to Tootlepedal ( a cycling suit that also acts as a sail) I remembered my previous idea – Soup Trousers. Basically it’s a set of winter weight trousers with a number of waterproof pockets containing soup. You pour hot soup in at the start of the walk and benefit from the extra warmth plus the ability to suck soup through a series of tubes and enjoy a warming snack without having to stop and unpack sandwiches.

Clearly, as early trials indicated, the soup selection is going to be limited, as you don’t want anything with too many bits in it.  You also need something with nicely rounded pockets which don’t collect odds and ends in the corners.

So far, a number of leading manufacturers of outdoor clothing have shown no interest whatsoever, and several others have been even less keen. It is possible that I am a man with ideas before my time and people will look back on this blog, as they sip macchiato from their Coffee Culottes, and . . .

I have it! Change the name to Soup Salopettes and market them as ski-wear. What a simple solution. Re-purpose the others to become Tea Trousers and we move on from being mere  beverage-based clothing to a life-style enhancing apparel collection. In my hands a cocktail dress is going to be radically different, and beer breeches are going to become reality. Wine Onesies anyone? The only limits (apart from alliteration) are going to be sobriety and self respect, and if you’ve seen some of the clothes people wear to shop in supermarkets, you will see that self-respect isn’t going to play a big part in the equation.

And that, I think, is enough sensitive commercial information information about my new project.


25 thoughts on “A Setback and a Brilliant Idea

  1. Lavinia Ross

    I think what would more likely catch on are large insulated pockets which would contain a thermoplastic microwaveable soup bag that with sipping tubing for soup or tea. 🙂 It’s not far off from what I’ve heard of already designed for the other end, with tubing that goes down the leg and out so one does not have to stop cycling. 🙂


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