A Few Flowers

Red Valerian

Red Valerian

In response to a request, here is a picture of the red valerian in the front garden. If you look closely you should be able to pick out the two different reds, though I have difficulty getting a good shot of them. To the naked eye they are very different but the camera tends to average them out. It also comes in white. When we go to Matlock we pass an expanse of the white variety growing from the side of a railway embankment.

The link is to a blog I just found whilst looking for information on red valerian, she explains it far better than I can. The blog address is https://bugwomanlondon.com/ and from what I can see it is full of interesting stuff about plants and weeds.

Figs are doing nicely too – you grow them by cutting sticks from other figs and sticking them in a pot. Easy. My sort of gardening.

The rosemary behind the valerian has only recently stopped flowering. We had to buy the rosemary, but three pots have produced a forest.  We really should take cuttings and cut all the woody stuff out, but you know me – a lazy non-interventionist gardener. They are both great additions to any garden – low water needs, difficult to kill (I never say impossible ;-)) floral and, useful. Red valerian feeds butterflies and hummingbird hawkmoths. Rosemary tastes good and the smell is supposed to drive mice away. We have certainly had no winter mouse intrusions while w have had that monster plant outside. This seems to be the only link I have to hummingbird hawkmoths in my own blog, you have to go down to the end for a poor quality picture of one. I’m sure I wrote more than one post with photos…

The other plant is Nottingham catchfly, a local plant and one I have never managed a good photo of yet. Other people seem to have the same problem.

Nottingham Catchfly

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    1. quercuscommunity Post author

      One of the neighbours grew some from seed. They passed one on to us, which is still going strong, but theirs has all died. Ours has been neglected, which might just be the way to treat it. 🙂

  1. Garfield Hug

    Oh WoW!!! Thank you so much! Garfield Hug appreciates this lovely sight for the eyes! Beautiful and the color is so bright. I wonder if this bloom exudes any fragrance?


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