A Jumble of Tedium

I had a note from WP the other day congratulating me on posting three days in a row. This puzzled me as I have done more than three days in  a row on many occasions and they have never bothered to congratulate me. have any other regular writers out there had a similar message, and did you think it was strange?

They have probably been on a training course to teach them how to be empathetic. Unlike their new editing system, which as you know, I consider to be merely pathetic.

Today, in a distinct absence of orders from eBay, I put 16 more pieces of sheet music on eBay and then moved on to maps. WE now have over 1,300 items of stock on eBay and we are going through all the boxes of junk and having a push at getting rid of it. It’s a welcome break from Elvis coins, but that’s about the best you can say for it.

When I got home (it’s now taking three times as long as it did before lockdown ended) I found I had two letters. One is from the NHS, and is an example of how to use a lot of words, and create confusion. In summary, it says thank you for filling in a recent questionnaire and could I now fill in a new one as they are testing the reliability of the questionnaire design. The trouble is that I don’t think I filled the last one in. It can be confusing to a man who doesn’t concentrate.. I’ve done two online surveys too. I think I blogged about one of them. I’m doing three surveys on a regular basis, one of them monthly, and I can no longer remember who they are for.


11 thoughts on “A Jumble of Tedium

  1. Helen

    Yes, I get the message congratulating me on blogging three days in a row. As I don’t write posts very much anymore, it is a surprise when I do so on three consecutive days.

    As for traffic, I did fear it would be bad getting to work now. Last Sunday, the roads were really slow in the usual places (ie before lockdown places).

      1. quercuscommunity Post author

        That’s one of the reasons I still take Julia in to work. She normally come back on the bus now that I’m working full days but it still cuts the exposure down by 50%.

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