Thoughts of Change

I’ve been thinking about blogging. I know I’m not the only one that feels this, as I’ve read a similar post today, but I’m feeling stale and uninspired and wondering where it is all going.

At one time, when we were on the care farm and we had lots of visitors, plenty of time, loads of nature and a multitude of new subjects, it seemed a lot easier. Of course, I then go back and look at it , and it really wasn’t as good as I remember. The typos in my old posts can be quite upsetting and the quality was patchy, to say the least. Fortunately I didn’t have much of an internal editor at the time. Once I got past the thought that writing down the dull days of my life was rather self-indulgent, I didn’t have much to hold me back. That came later when I started doing more writing of other types.

Things are gradually improving again and I now have ten haiku to send off. As I have a deadline in nine days and two more at the end of the month it’s about time I did get back into the rhythm. I am becoming a bit too much like our plum tree in the garden – a year of plenty followed by a year of sparsity. However, I know what do do with the plum tree – pruning and thinning – two jobs I don’t do. I skimp on pruning, and haven’t actually done any for two years, and I always wimp out of thinning, because it seems a waste to remove fruit when it is forming. I know that in theory it is better for the crop, but I just can’t do it. I keep saying I’ll look for a recipe for green plums, which might be the impetus I need. Something similar is needed with my writing.

I’ve tried to change the way I blog before, but I always drift back to the same old style, maybe today is the day I change. Well, tomorrow, actually, as this is today and it’s more of the same old rambling diary…

The opening picture is a Shilling of George II – 1731 – quite a pleasant coin. It leant itself well to the “drawing” setting on the camera. The closing pictures of the coin are how it actually looks. No, I don’t know why they always dressed like Roman Emperors for their coin portraits. It’s a King thing…

George II Sixpence 1731 ObverseΒ 

George II Sixpence 1731 ReverseΒ 


27 thoughts on “Thoughts of Change

    1. quercuscommunity Post author

      Thank you. I’m not thinking of giving up – just feeling a bit stale and uninspired. I try to write through it but sometimes get a bit concerned I’m losing my way.

      1. Clare Pooley

        It is no surprise to me that you are uninspired in this pandemic. When was the last time you went anywhere for pleasure? How often have you been out for the day with Julia during this past year? We all need a little change in our lives so we can relax, rest and with luck, be inspired. I can hardly read these days so I am amazed you can compose the lovely poems you do write.

      2. quercuscommunity Post author

        This is true. Even when we have are able to travel we tend not to take the opportunity as we have become used to staying at home and keeping out of harm’s way. Ans thank you for the kind comment on the poetry. πŸ™‚

        I hope we can all become more cheerful soon.

      3. Clare Pooley

        Yes, that would be nice πŸ˜€ The last time I was this gloomy I was just about to move house to somewhere I didn’t want to go.

  1. tootlepedal

    You make a good point about having other more important writing to do but we would miss your posts if you stopped doing them.

    When I look at my past posts, they tend to bear an uncanny resemblance to current posts but that is because my life runs along well defined channels.

    1. quercuscommunity Post author

      Yes, but hey are always slightly different, and sometimes, like recently, there are some extraordinary pictures – the reflected bridge and the orange tip are both great shots – one photographically beautiful, and the other a rare picture of a notoriously flighty butterfly.

      You start at the beginning of the day and work your way through it all – if I did that all mine would appear more similar but I vary mine by keeping them short and editing down to complaints about different people or stupid things I did.


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