Early to Bed…

My new health regime, which consists mainly of going to bed at a sensible time and turning down offers of a second slice of cake, have paid off – I’m already feeling a lot better than I was at the start of the week.

Today turned out to be another busy day. The sales promotion has not only brought a surge in sales but an avalanche of enquiries – many of which are time consuming and lead nowhere. However, like many things, you have to sift through to find the nuggets and as one of the queries led to a ยฃ275 sale, it was worth the sifting.

Nothing else of note happened during the day. I watched a little TV, snoozed and ate stir-fried vegetables for tea. I’ve also been going through magazines of Readly. I’ve managed a bird watching magazine, two writing magazines, the TLS and an art magazine tonight. Not bad for a monthly subscription that is the equivalent of buying two magazines. OK, so I only browsed the last two as I wasn’t feeling very intellectual, but it’s still good value.

If anyone is doing ab thesis on the life of an average middle-aged man in the early 21st century – this is it. This what I spent 60 years training for – a life of quiet mediocrity and vegetables. I always wanted to be rich and famous and eat steak…

I had an article sent to my email about the cherry trees in Washington DC – very interesting. I like cherry trees. My Mum and Dad had several and when Julia’s Mum died the village planted a cherry tree in memory of her contribution to the local community., so they have always ben part of my life. Of course, now that I write poetry in Japanese forms I am virtually obliged to write about them.

I seem to be deficient in cherry blossom pictures, so you will have to make do with apple blossom.

Spring in the Mencap Garden

33 thoughts on “Early to Bed…

  1. tootlepedal

    Apple blossom is very acceptable. I like the sound of your healthy regime. I am going to try to get to bed a bit earlier too in the vain hope that I might feel a bit less knackered. I share your sadness about not having achieved much in life but I feel consoled by the number of people who have done more than me and still feel unhappy.

    1. quercuscommunity Post author

      Yes, despite the early bedtimes I can’t shake the napping habit. It is good to think that w are less unhappy than prince Harry and Donald Trump, to name just two people who don’t seem as happy as I would be in their shoes. Possibly our choice of wives has something to do with it.

  2. Helen

    My neighbourโ€™s cherry tree is almost in blossom. Too early but will nonetheless be a welcome sight.

    Are you sure you are an average middle-aged man? You must move in interesting circles if you think most write haibun and haiku. In reality, I doubt that many would have any notion of these forms of poetry.

    1. quercuscommunity Post author

      I’m told we always assume that other people are doing better than us. maybe I am above average in some ways. ๐Ÿ™‚ However, there are still a lot of ways I am lagging far behind.

  3. Laurie Graves

    Apple blossoms are always welcome. I expect most people’s lives are filled with everyday things. And besides, from what I have read, vegetables are better for you than steak.

  4. Lavinia Ross

    Beautiful photos, Quercus! Our fruit tress have not started blooming yet, but will do so before too long now. The days are getting longer and somewhat warmer. It was in the upper 60s here today, and we got in some good garden time.

    1. Helen

      A Japanese friend of mine said that the blossom has come early this year – it is starting early here too. Of course, this is both good and bad.

      1. quercuscommunity Post author

        Early blossom is a cheering sight, but as you say, not always a good thing. Our plum tree is completely blossom free at the moment, which is the way I prefer it. Several times we have had early blossom and no fruit after it was all blown away.

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