Yes, listicles. It’s like a list but with added -icle. Sounds like something a kid would write. Probably a young kid writing a list of their ten favourite Pokémon or Unicorns. However, it seems that it is a word commonly used by adults on social media. Yes, I realise that the ‘on social media’ part should lower my expectations, but even so, the main users of the word would seem to be legally adult.

For those of you who have never before wondered about the sanity of the internet or 21st Century life, do you now see why I despair? It’s a bit like writing a posticle about the virus that is engulfing us in a worldwide pandemicle. It’s not necessary and it makes the user sound like a child from a horror film. Or from Essex.

It’s not helped by the fact that my poetic brain, which never quite switches off, is constantly trying to rhyme it with testicle. This is the same part of my brain where the words “Devizes” and “Nantucket” are on permanent stand-by. Don’t blame me, I’m not the only one who was thinking it. I’m pretty sure that at least two regular readers were thinking it. They may like to mention that if they comment.

All this has been caused by me reading a pop-up advert that promised me a way to earn good money writing “content”.

It seems good. Some one claims to earn $126,000 a year from freelance content writing. .

Even after deducting expenses , that’s more money than I could spend in a year, and all I have to do is write. Well, not quite. There seems to be a lot of SEO involved (Search Engine Optimisation)  and I have just been checking it up. I don’t really understand a lot of the words they use, so it looks like I may have to give it a miss. It’s like parachuting and shaving – I’m vaguely aware of it, but don’t really understand it, or want to get involved.

Ah well, a man can dream.

At least I won’t have to use words like listicle.

Yes, I missed the midnight deadline. I’ll post twice tody.

Mandarin Duck – Arnott Hill park, Arnold

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  1. DJ@WordsKraft

    Listicle sounds funny! 😂😂😂Sounds more like popsicle or bicycle. I wonder what more new words is the new generation going to coin in the name of “internet trend”?? And those pictures look good. Did you click those?


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