Saturday in a Shut Shop Sitting Silently

Here’s a selection of what I did today. I photographed a Peter Rabbit 50p coin and put it on eBay. It was the first in the Beatrix Potter series, and Peter is the best known and most popular of the characters. It soon sold out when it was released in 2016 and  that coin – an ordinary 50p coin, but struck in silver, to proof standard, with added colour and a great deal of glitzy presentation, is now worth over £600. A lot of the others can be had for around £20 each, which still seems expensive to me. However, it pays my wages.

In case the word “proof” is throwing you, it mans they are produced in from specially prepared dies, striking specially prepared blanks. They are excellent examples of the coiner’s craft but o many different ones are now produced that they hold little charm for a cynic such as me.

The next item, a rowing medal from Oxford University, is more my sort of thing. It is engraved with the names of the boat’s crew around the edge. Several of them had famous connections though they aren’t that famous themselves.

Medal for the Commoner’s Fours 1866

I just went back to look for a link and couldn’t find it. It has sold already – six hours after we put it up for sale. The miracle of eBay!

People watching

This is a picture taken using my door mirror. I went straight from work to the vaccination centre on Thursday and had time to kill. I should probably have wound the window down completely, bit I didn’t. Another lesson learnt!




25 thoughts on “Saturday in a Shut Shop Sitting Silently

    1. quercuscommunity Post author

      Thank you. I wondered if anyone had noticed the title. Strangely enough, the title just emerged from the depths of my sub-conscious. I’d been at a total loss for a title until then.

  1. Helen

    I didn’t actually notice that the window hadn’t been wound down fully. Anyway, great you have had the vaccination. The number of people I know who are at least somewhat covered is growing healthily 😊

      1. Helen

        Every death is a tragedy. I was listening to Any Answers on Radio 4 earlier today, where a woman was vented her anger after her mum had died because of picking up the virus in her care home 🥲

        The mother of a friend of a friend was leaving the house to get her jab, fell over, had a brain haemorrhage and then in hospital caught the virus. So now she is seriously ill.

        Even though this and the other stories are horrific, I think more people round me need to hear such accounts. One of neighbours has a visitor round at the moment even though she is already in a bubble with her daughter. She’s not generally irresponsible but bending the rules when there are many who are sticking to them and suffering for it is so frustrating!

      2. quercuscommunity Post author

        A friend of mine made a similar point – his brother had covid and one of his elderly neighbours died – he said people wouldn’t behave responsibly until they knew someone who was ill.

        We have a number of neighbours who have family round – not a big thing, but all contributing to the rise in infection. I think the latest figures show, again, that lockdown works, but people are now calling for the pubs to be open for Easter. Because nothing says “Christian Festival” like a weekend in the pub…

      3. Helen

        I can understand the frustration both ways. But in view of climate change as well, I’m so sad that people don’t get the fact that we have to change the way we live. Oh well, time will tell….

  2. GP

    They are cute, I can see why they sold out.
    off topic – I got a roll of quarters for the laundry machines and 3 of the coins turned out to be from the Republique Francaise, 20centimes. They’re probably worth more than my quarters, but I don’t know what to do with them. Any ideas?


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