An Excellent Apple Crumble and an Amusing Book

Today started reasonably well and has ended up not being too bad.

That’s probably not the most inspiring opening, but it’s a fair summary. I have managed to get another submission done, have polished up a few bits for another one, tries writing a new form and still had time to cook.

We had shop-bought fishcakes tonight, with roasted cauliflower and cheese sauce (using the remains of the cheese sauce from yesterday’s Welsh Rarebit), potato wedges and sweetcorn. It was tasty, reasonably nutritious, and beige. I didn’t photograph it because the light golden brown fishcakes were the most colourful bit. The sweetcorn had faded to magnolia (it was half a tin left over from the fish pie), the cauli was off white and the sauce was made with white cheese and Dijon mustard, so was light beige.  It would not have looked good on film.

After that we had apple crumble, which is basically a beige topping on a magnolia base. Again, tasty but uninspiring in a photographic sense.

Apart from that, it snowed. Several times. There wasn’t much but as it fell on frozen snow we could have done without it.

I’m sure other things happened in between, but I’m having trouble recalling them. All I want is another 41 words and I can sign this off and go to bed. Then, later in the week, I can have  another blood test. The amount they have been tapping off recently you’d think I was made of the stuff.

Number One Son bought me a book club subscription for Christmas and the first one just arrived – The Diary of a Nobody. If I believed in fate anything like that, I’d think this was a message from a higher power. I am reading a chapter a night and picking up a few tips on diary writing as I go along.



17 thoughts on “An Excellent Apple Crumble and an Amusing Book

  1. Helen

    Apple crumble is one of my favs – and I can make it in my bread maker! I’m sure the apples in yours must have had some colour in them.

    1. quercuscommunity Post author

      Yes, it is agreat book, and if you are going to have arole model it may as well be this. One of our kids always wrote as if he was a sports reporter (as the sports reports were all he read) but they soon changed that when he got to University. 🙂

      1. tootlepedal

        When I used to write reports on the Sevenoaks 2nd XI hockey matches for the local paper, I always tried to work a couple of sporting cliches into the report.

      2. quercuscommunity Post author

        Give people what they want – as many names as possible, some sporting cliches. It keeps them happy. I once stood in for somebody and basically changed a few names and the order of paragraphs and when I handed back aftre his two week holiday nobody noticed. Match reporting is very much a game of two halves and journeyman players like me can only play what is in front of them…

    1. quercuscommunity Post author

      Wikipedia tells me that Apple Crisp is what we call Apple Crumble. It also tells me that what the Americans call Apple Crumble has a topping of oats and brown sugar and is also called Apple Crumble. It isn’t. I make it and it’s called apples with oats on top. 🙂 Divided by a single language again! 🙂


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