My dull day picked up a little this evening. Years ago I beat a contestant on mastermind at his specialist subject (which was one I was interested in at the time). Tonight I did it again, which cheered me up a bit. I admit it was on Celebrity Mastermind so the bar was not at its highest, but nevertheless I beat a man on a subject of his own choosing, and after he had (I suppose) been reading up on it. The subject was Aircraft of the RAF 1939-45. Until tonight I didn’t even realise I had more than a passing knowledge of it. I’m sure the full strength questions on ordinary mastermind would have been harder, and that I’d have been less relaxed in a studio, so I won’t go on about it too much. In fact, apart from a quiet cheer and a short Victory Dance, I did little to mark my triumph.

Modesty in all things, as they say.

Before anyone mentions it, I did just look up the Mastermind Application Form, and applications are currently closed. I’m currently, after looking at the list of things I can apply for, wondering if I should attempt to forge a new career as a reality TV star. I can’t be worse than some of the people who currently fill this niche.

The problem is that I will need two specialist subjects. I may go for Books of the Great library Series by Laurie Graves. I was thinking of the Chronicles of Narnia, but there are seven of them. Laurie has only written three so far, so there will be a lot less to read.

I think this would be a good photo to send in with the application. I look trustworthy and moderately intellectual . Julia says I look mildly surprised, verging on shifty.  It also makes my head look longer and thinner than it really is.


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  1. jodierichelle

    That’s a very nice picture, Simon. Congratulations on your win! I actually DID apply to be on a game show once. I forget what it was called, but the key was to be able to sing song lyrics. That happens to be my one actual talent. I don’t know what knowledge I have thrown away to be able to retain the lyrics to so many songs, but my brain is full of them. And since I don’t mind making an ass of myself onstage, I thought I’d be a good contestant. Alas, the game didn’t last for long and I never got my chance.

    1. quercuscommunity Post author

      Oh dear, what might have happened if you had your chance? We will never know. I tend to think that all knowledge is good and that learning is good exercise, though I know Einstein didn’t bother to memorise things because he thought it took up brain capacity. As he won a Nobel prize and I haven’t yet done so, I may well have to concede that he was right.


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