The Best Laid Plans…

There’s a distinct possibility that Julia may be going down with Covid in the near future. Several co-workers have been diagnosed recently, including one who came into work to tell them that she had symptoms, and one who was called at work with the information that she was positive but asymptomatic and may have been spreading virus for some days.

It is a time for keeping fingers crossed.

As a result of this, head office have decided to send them some lateral flow tests for self testing and an exhortation to keep going, It seems that the residential homes have been getting the tests for some time now, but nobody thought to send any to Nottingham. The view from their ivory tower must be quite stunning at this time of year. Not sure where it is sited but it’s a long way from any practical, hands-on experience. Even though 90% of the staff have now deserted them and are refusing to come in to work (two more rang in this morning, one “ill” and one with “stress”) head office does not want them to shut down. The absent staff members are not prepared to work,  but are still  prepared to accept their wages and offer their views on Facebook.

The oldest member of staff, who is also at risk from health, weight and ethnicity, is Julia.  She’s still there. This is a bit of a shock as I normally just think of her as beautiful and a bit creaky. (But I am a bit creaky too, and, as you may guess, my eyes are not great). I am getting steadily less happy with the situation and have already discarded several versions of tonight’s blog due to intemperate use of language.

At times like this, I think of Sir Edmund Verney (1590-1642). He was personally loyal to the King but did not support his policies. He wrote a letter at the time expressing his thoughts –

“I have eaten his bread and served him near thirty years, and will not do so base a thing as to forsake him; and choose rather to lose my life (which I am sure to do) to preserve and defend those things which are against my conscience to preserve and defend”

Strangely, for a man of integrity, he was also an MP. Those of you who are sound on historical dates will, I am sure, already have deduced that he was also quite good at predicting the future.

So, from vaccination on Sunday to rats deserting a sinking ship on Tuesday. What a turn-round in outlook.

On a sadder note Tom Moore died in hospital today. He had an adventurous 12 months, with two World records, a Gold Blue Peter Badge, a Knighthood and 150,000  cards for his 100th birthday.

27 thoughts on “The Best Laid Plans…

  1. Helen

    My thoughts with you and Julia at this time.

    My 66 year old neighbour is in a bubble with her daughter and family. Her daughter, husband and two of the children got COVID but my neighbour, in spite of hugging and kissing the children frequently, did not. So, I hold out hope that Julia and yourself will be fine.

  2. Laurie Graves

    Oh, gosh! Fingers, toes, and everything else crossed for you and Julia. Hugs and best wishes from across the pond. Will be anxiously waiting to hear how you both are doing.

    1. quercuscommunity Post author

      We will see. We are both off tomorrow (our mid-week day off) and they should have the lateral flow tests by then. At the moment we are both quite healthy, but could be asymptomatic. We had a very tasty vegetable stew for tea so my sense of taste seems unaffected.

  3. jodierichelle

    Oh, Simon, Hugs to you. We have recently been through something similar. My husband was at a recording gig where they did rapid tests and he tested positive. He had to leave and texted my daughter and myself to leave our work because he was positive. So I raced home, turned off the heater, and set up the basement for Michael, where he stayed for 10 days. I put food on a tray at the top of the stairs and we all wore masks inside. It was very intense.

    The good news is, he never had symptoms and never tested positive again, and my daughter and I tested neg a bunch of times. We are all fine, but we quarantined for 10 days and lost all that work time and THE STRESS! It’s so weird and wrong to treat a loved one like a pariah.

    Hugs to you both as you navigate this surreal situation.


    1. quercuscommunity Post author

      Thank you. Fortunately we are locked down so there’s less to lose at the moment. Not looking forward to developments, but we will just have to work through it. Sorry to hear about you experience, it sounds traumatic, particularly the food on the tray. Glad it worked out in the end.

      1. quercuscommunity Post author

        I think it’s likely – it’s just the uncertainty at tye moment, especially as they want me back in work nearly full time next week and I don’t want to infect anyone.

        Glad you are all OK now, Fingers crossed it stays that way.

  4. tootlepedal

    I too have my fingers crossed for Julia. These are worrying times and as you say, ivory towers are popular refuges for decision makers who don’t have to live with the consequences of their decisions.

    1. quercuscommunity Post author

      If she treats Covid like she treats her poor downtrodden husband it won’t stand a chance. 🙂

      Tom Moore is the only internet sesation I’ve really appreciated, apart from cats playing pianos. I like cats.


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