Bits and Pieces and Fishing in the Spam Folder

It’s 10.39 and my day is about to begin. So far all I have done is the basics – dressed, had breakfast, answered comments, finalised tomorrow’s on-line grocery order and had a telephone consultation with rheumatology . It’s our day off today, though  most days are a day off for me at the moment,  so It’s now time to think about elevenses.

There’s something companionable about elevenses. Reading the link I was also reminded about second breakfast. We used to have second breakfast when I worked in Ireland – cup of tea and slice of toast at 6.30ish, work at seven, breakfast at 9.00. It’s much more civilised and it always feels better on the digestion.

From there I start wondering why toast seems like a meal but a slice of bread and butter doesn’t. I wonder when the change occurred. My grandparents ate bread and butter, my parents ate toast. I suspect that the invention of domestic grills and toasters holds the answer, as toast at my grandparents was usually preceded by a session with bread and toasting forks in front of an open fire.

Julia is approaching me with a hoover in her hand and menace in her eyes so I had better get the elevenses going. Music may have charms to soothe the savage beast, but tea and biscuits works better on Julia.

I now have a problem to ask you about. Derrick tells me that he has to give his details before he can post a comment. Is this happening to anyone else? And do you know how I can cancel it, as I hate it when that happens and I want to keep everything simple and easy.

Apologies to LA and GP Cox too, when I started looking through my settings I found several of your comments in Spam. It seems to select someone every so often and dump them in there on a slightly random basis as some have been allowed and some haven’t.

15 thoughts on “Bits and Pieces and Fishing in the Spam Folder

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  2. tootlepedal

    I use the reader and it hasn’t happened to me with your site. Sometimes it happens with other sites but if I click on the circular WP icon below the comment box, that seems to satisfy it.

  3. Lavinia Ross

    WP has made some changes recently with cookies. If he makes comments through the WP Reader instead of the actual site, he should be alright, and not have to give out details. This works with most sites, but not all.

  4. Laurie Graves

    I always check my spam folder and often find blogging friends have been shunted there. The worst is when I stop getting email notices when new posts from blogging friends come out. It doesn’t happen often, but it does from time, and it all seems so random.


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