A Simple Day for a Simple Man

I’ve just spent a happy morning in front of the fire chatting, eating chocolate and watching compilations of Christmas songs on TV. I am a simple man and this is all I need. This expanded to a happy afternoon doing the same.

I just spent five minutes trying to delete a surplus full stop from that sentence. One of my resolutions for next year is to keep my computer screen cleaner, as it turned out to be a small mark on the screen that lined up perfectly. This isn’t the first time it’s happened, but it always fools me.

As I said, I am a simple man.

I have my wife by my side, my firstborn nearby and the spare child checked in by some mysterious process which allowed his face to appear on a computer screen and tell me I was looking older. He is looking uglier and tubbier than last time I saw him. It is good to have all this modern technology to hurl abuse at family members who are thousands of miles away, though I’m not sure that when I first came across a “video phone” in a science fiction story that I would ever use one for this purpose.

After that I rang my sister using 19th century technology and delayed her until she had to go, because her oven was emitting smoke. Her cooker has either elected a new pope or burned her Christmas dinner. I fear it is the latter.

I’m now going to stalk a few of my regular blogging companions and see how their day is going. After that it is turkey and more TV. I also intend drinking some of the tea I have been sent as presents and rounding the day off with biscuits.

1995 Robin stamp


14 thoughts on “A Simple Day for a Simple Man

  1. tootlepedal

    I love that robin stamp. The number of stamps that I have never seen is a tribute to my laziness as a correspondent.

    Well done for having a good day. Not an easy thing to do just now.

    1. quercuscommunity Post author

      Thank you. I like to feel I have a talent for loafing and other simple pleasures. Most of these stamps are new to me too – this is in large measure due to the Royal mail becoming a purveyor of giftware in addition to a deliverer of mail. Even the most ardent of letter writers would find it hard to keep up.

  2. Lavinia Ross

    Tea and biscuits sound like a good way to finish up the day. I’ve come to really love that cup of tea at day’s end. The cats and crew send you and Julia our collective best this Christmas Day.

    “Her cooker has either elected a new pope or burned her Christmas dinner. I fear it is the latter.” brought a chuckle. Thank you for that. 🙂

    1. quercuscommunity Post author

      Thank you. My sister has texted to tell me there was little damage, just a little bubbling of the cheese coming up over the breadcrumbs. (Vegetarian Christmas Dinner!)

      1. Lavinia Ross

        Haddock in ginger sauce, forbidden rice and a roasted cipollini onion. Brussels sprouts didn’t make the train this time. Rick is ssaving those for another dish. 🙂

        The cats dined on homemade wet food (roasted chicken, chicken liver, red salmon, a bit of canned pumpkin, vitamins and minerals) with a chaser of dry kibble by Purina. 🙂

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