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A New Word, a New Year and a (Possible) New Project

Today I have what is generally referred to in medical circles as “a bad ankle”. Julia refers to it disparagingly and suggests that a reduction in calorie intake may cure the problem. Sympathy, I have noticed, is in short supply, these days. In some ways it’s good that it had happened on my day off, so I can rest in front of the fire, but in others it’s a bit of a nuisance as I had plans for today.

Still, sitting in front of a fire with my leg up isn’t the worst use of a day I can think of.

Sitting in front of the computer waiting for a message so I can reset my OU password, on the other hand, is not a good way to pass the day. I haven’t forgotten the password, it’s just that they have decided we should all reset our passwords on 16th December. I don’t know why and mine, when it is eventually reset, will doubtless be a bit sweary in content. It’s already been ten minutes. These days it’s normally instant. I know this because I forget a lot of passwords.

As it’s at their instigation and I really want access to my account now, I’m not happy. I rarely am when it comes to technology. The trick is to concentrate on the positives rather than the negatives. The internet is a miracle, and not the last refuge of idiots, nerds and password resetting jobsworths.

I seem to have invented the word “engative” whilst typing badly. It seems to have no meaning and the internet wants to correct it to “negative”. I think it has a future – maybe a word used to describe the process of being negative about England. The English are quite engative, as are the Scots, Welsh and Irish. That is to be expected as we’ve been neighbours for many years. I’ve noticed that the Americans on Quora (the last refuge of the Mental Pygmy) seem to be quite negative about England too (though they often mean the UK). This often takes the form of criticism about the British Empire. This is ironic, as our last major imperial misdemeanour took the form of expelling the Chagos Islanders from their homes in 1969-73 so that the Americans could have an air base there.

I feel another blog post coming on – The History of the World in 100 Blog Posts.  I will have to look into that…

14 thoughts on “A New Word, a New Year and a (Possible) New Project

  1. Helen

    I look forward to your series on the history of the world.

    I hope your ankle is feeling better.

    I forgot passwords almost as quickly as I set them.

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    1. quercuscommunity Post author

      It is getting better with rest, thank you. As I said to TP, Quora isn’t really representative. I’m not sure how I started reading it again. It’s 50% interesting and 50% Gerry Springer (who was born in London, so we have to take part of the blame). 🙂

      1. quercuscommunity Post author

        I think part of the problem is my unstructured approach – I’m sure there is good stuff on there but I get sidetracked and snared by idiots. 🙂

  3. tootlepedal

    I agree that we don’t need any lectures from Americans in regard to overseas adventures. They have the same blind spot that our imperial nostalgic have regarding how welcome invading and generally interfering in other countries is.

    I like the English as much as I like Scots….i.e I like some of them.


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