A Fresh Start

I was so full of ideas this morning that I filled two pages of my A4 notebook before I even got my trousers on. It’s maybe not the most dignified of mental pictures, but it shows the wisdom of always keeping a notebook close to hand.

Most of them will, of course, not develop much further. I could feel that from a few of them as they hit the page and scurried across the book. Some will not be good enough to develop, though a few will be merged with other ideas. Some will, I confess, be illegible by the time I have another look. My handwriting is truly, and embarrassingly, terrible.

That will still leave plenty. It’s quite likely that some will never be developed simply because I move on to other things before finishing the list from this morning. That is the life of a poem. Sometimes it soars, but it, more often it staggers or simply slumps.

Sunset over Wilford, Notts

Sunset over Wilford, Notts

I really must get a grip. I have some haiku to finish, because they need to be submitted tomorrow. I also need to arrange my buildings insurance (which just means remembering to pay for it) and order the Christmas food. It’s only ten days to Christmas and I am not at all prepared. I’ve ordered Julia’s main present (which probably won’t get here until after Christmas) and a supplementary present which I hope will get here before Christmas. The post is unfortunately very random. In my defence, she didn’t tell me what she wanted until last night, so it’s not entirely my fault. However, we don’t currently have a turkey. I’m not that bothered myself, I’d be happy with a tin of corned beef and a sprig of holly, but everybody else expects turkey.

At the moment my only proper preparations for Christmas are two tubes of cheese footballs I bought several months ago, a Christmas pudding and a packet of stuffing. As preparations go, it’s not impressive.

Sunset over Wilford, Notts

Sunset over Wilford, Notts

These area few sunset photos I took last week. I’m not sure they were successful, looking at them in this size, but at least they are new.


23 thoughts on “A Fresh Start

      1. Helen

        The post works in mysterious ways. Eight days should be plenty to see them on your doorstep.

        I’d been worried about the one for my daughter not turning up but after much angst it finally arrived yesterday, just before she got home from school!

  1. Lavinia Ross

    Good to hear you are getting down the ideas in your A4. You are doing better than I am at that. Many slip away, never to be seen again.

    I think it will be baked salmon and potatoes here for Christmas, perhaps along with some Gold Nugget squash and brussels sprouts.

      1. quercuscommunity Post author

        It is a good choice. After my years in the poultry industry I went off chicken for many years, and eggs. I now enjoy eggs again but still can’t get used to paying for chicken. 🙂

      2. tootlepedal

        I can quite believe that you can have too much of something. We kept chickens on a very small scale for a while but we never ate the chikckens, just the eggs.

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