Three Weeks In and I’ve Had Enough

I’m beginning to wilt under the pressure and nearly went shopping today on the way back from dropping Julia at work. We don’t need any groceries but the days are not as much fun in this second lockdown as Julia is at work and I’m beginning to find myself feeling a little lonely after three weeks of isolation without company.Β  Lockdown One – lie-ins, sunshine and company. Lockdown Two – up at 6.45, cold and lonely. I can’t imagine what it must have been like for people living on their own all through the first lockdown. I thought of the lack of freedom as the main problem, not loneliness. I have plenty to do so I don’t usually feel lonely. But I don’t usually have this much time to myself.

One thing I’ve noticed about the new computer is that it’s virtually silent and the case doesn’t even get warm despite being on for hours. This is very different from the old one.

Highpoint of the day has ben talking (a) to a scammer and (b) to Amazon customer services.

The first was an obvious scam because Amazon don’t have my home phone number so I asked if though t I was stupid enough to hand over my bank details to a random caller. He was very good at pretending to have hurt feelings. However, the third time I explained I thought he should have some sort of ID he put the phone down mid-sentence. I’m not sure even an Amazon employee would be that rude.

Of course, I had to go to my account to check it just in case and managed to lock myself out. They now send One Time Passwords over the phone as links rather than codes. I’m not online with my phone so I can’t use them and had to ring up.Β  To be fair, once we established that I had no intention of linking my phone to the internet, it all went quite smoothly as two polite, cheerful and intelligent members of staff sorted it all out for me. It’s not often you’ll here me say that after dealing with a customer helpline, so remember this moment. It’s ten out of ten for Amazon.

I don’t know why everyone needs you to be linked to the internet. Back in the 70s you didn’t have to walk round with a pocketful of carrier pigeons so why do we need a phone for everything?

And yes, it’s another cat. A good, old-fashioned cat that doesn’t need you to be linked to the internet so that it can treat you with indifference. On the other hand, if you die alone, a mobile phone won’t start to eat you.

It’s not actually a stamp, they just added a few pictures to the sheet of stamps – first time we had some I didn’t realise and counted it as a First Class Stamp.


22 thoughts on “Three Weeks In and I’ve Had Enough

  1. The Belmont Rooster

    I still don’t have a cell phone and don’t intend to get one any time soon. My newer computer is on for hours on end, and soil he old one most of the time. Like your new one, mine doesn’t get hot either. A computer called on my phone and left a message a few weeks ago that said something about a $400 purchase I made on Amazon. Well, I figured it was some scammer because I didn’t make such a purchase. Then one of the recoded messages sad something about my iCloud being tampered with. GEEZ! Always some scam going on. But, that’s OK as long as we don’t fall for them. They are apparently keeping someone employed. COVID numbers are on the rise here and the nursing home was hit even though no-one has been able to go visit. The father-in-law of a friend of mine passed away and they were allowed to visit for a few days before. He tested positive a week after the funeral and was in his store working the whole week without knowing he had contracted it. I don’ get out much, and rarely ever leave the small community I live in. BUT, apparently, our numbers are on the rise because most working people here work out of town where risks are higher. Of course, if everyone was tested, we would no doubt find out more of us are positive or were positive at one point than we know about. I think we all realize that… Take care always, my friend. The cat looks great! There is one here the same color.

    1. quercuscommunity Post author

      Thanks for the good wishes. I hope you continue to stay safe too. I must admit I quite like my phone as it allows peace of mind when out in the car, but I’m thinking of adopting my Dad’s system and keeping it switched off. It used to drive us mad but I’m beginning to see why he did it.

      As somebody said over here, if you are next to a Covid hotspot you will in time become one as people have to go to work or school and the spread is inevitable. However, by staying away from people you are limiting your chances of getting it and increasing your chance of better treatments being available.

  2. Lavinia Ross

    WordPress is definitely good for keeping in touch with everyone, and we can read your limericks, etc., too. Do take heart, as Laurie says, in a new vaccine just around the corner.

    A quiet Thanksgiving day here with Rick and the cats on this side of the Big Pond. πŸ™‚

    1. quercuscommunity Post author

      Good to know it was a peaceful day. I wonder why we adopted Halloween and Superbowl but didn’t bother with Thanksgiving? Given a choice between trick or treat, sports or eating I’d definitely go for the eating!

    1. quercuscommunity Post author

      That’s OK then. Once I have my Covid vaccine (including the Microsoft nanobots) they will be able to control me anyway. Or is that just a sci-fi plot. I get so confused these days…

      1. tootlepedal

        The thing about these conspiracy theories is that they always credit the government with fantastic skills of deception and efficiency of delivery of their evil deeds. You would think by now that it must dawn on people that governments can’t actually rule the world.

      2. quercuscommunity Post author

        You are correct. It always amazes me that people think that governments have time for conspiracy when the demands of other government business (cronyism, corruption, eating in subsidised restaurants, and even some actual governing) takes up so much time.

        Anyway, as we have seen in the past, no dark secret would survive the ability of the state to lose laptops on trains…

  3. charliecountryboy

    I understand your frustration I actually enjoyed the first lockdown… pure selfishness, I know… but no cars, no nothing. Nowadays I live in confusion and wait for others to explain what is going on. But they are as confused as I am 😩 Probably due a Sooty episode πŸ˜‚

    1. quercuscommunity Post author

      I tried to get sound on the new computer but it says the earphones are faulty. One day I will get to listen to Sooty. First lockdown was a holiday for me, albeit with worries about toilet rolls. I too am completely in the dark about rules these days and am just hiding away and doing what Julia says.

  4. koolaidmoms

    I understand the desire to go out and do something different! I was okay with the first lock-down but this one is rough. Hopefully you and kitty can help each other through.


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