The GBBO final proceeded according to form. Laura spilt more stuff while Peter and Dave slugged it out for top honours. I won’t say more as it is not the most interesting thing for me to discuss if you haven’t seen it. And also because I’m worried I must be getting old as it’s becoming more interesting as the years go by.

I may be telling people who already know, but if you fancy doing something educational the Open University has a range of free courses available. I’m doing the “What is Poetry?” course in an attempt to educate myself. I have been reading articles for the last few months but decided that it might be good to do a proper course. It’s OK, but not really telling me anything I didn’t know. I’ll probably try a couple of poetry courses but after that it’s time to try the one about critical reading – which is something I do need to know more about. After that there are so many courses offered by so many Universities that the choice it almost endless.

Apart from that there’s nothing much to report. Poor service from the Royal Mail, poor service regarding prescriptions, and a missing parcel which was sent via courier. All stuff I could do without, all stuff that will take time to sort. I really do have better uses for my time.

I sent an article off to a poetry magazine last night (I’m starting to branch out) and found that the on-line form system that it uses  will only accept Word files – it won’t accept files from Apache Open Office. I am on a month’s free trial with Word, so was able to convert it, but it’s a problem for the future. Having decided that I’m going to refuse to pay £80 as year for Microsoft Office I don’t really want to go back to it days after deciding on the alternative.

Life is never simple…

And the title? I forgot to add a title, so the next thing I saw was that two people had liked 51842. At that point I guessed I’d ben in such a hurry to write that I’d forgotten the title again.


18 thoughts on “51842

      1. Helen

        I’ve done a few Future Learn but have abandoned a few as well. More because of the subject that the interaction – I mean, I like the interaction and perhaps if there had been more on the courses I abandoned, I might have stayed, but overall I just didn’t feel the subject was easy enough 😊

  1. Helen

    I wonder why you have to £80 a year for Word on a computer (?) when on my iPhone it is free. That said, it is also fiddly on a phone to write.

  2. Laurie Graves

    Open University sounds fabulous! Do keep us posted. As for GBBO, I am all agog to find out who the winner will be. I am also amazed that Laura made it so far, but it seems that her baking tastes far better than it looks. I am rooting for Peter because he is so young. What a great thing it is to be able to bake so well when you are only twenty.

  3. Lavinia Ross

    Were you able to export directly from Open Office to Word format? That should work and then you don’t need a copy of Microsoft Word.

    I had not heard of Open University. It looks intriguing, and I have bookmarked it. Thank you for the link. I learn many good things here!

    1. quercuscommunity Post author

      I’m not that sophisticated – I copied from Open Office and pasted into Word. I will have to expand my knowledge in this area. I’m sure there must be details somewhere – I just hadn’t thought of it.


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