A Palindrome and a Minor Disaster

We’ll do the palindrome first. Sadly for all my American readers the 20th November isn’t a palindrome, so I’m afraid you are going to feel let down and lied to. However, I suppose you’ve become used to that over the years. I know that I have, and it looks like it will get worse. I was listening to some sort of academic on the news tonight and he said that the confidence rating in the UK Government had been at 75% until the Cummings Affair, after which it dropped drastically and continued to slide to around 30%.

However, I digress. Today, I enjoyed writing 20.11.20 on the slips with the parcels, all thirteen of them. I have sent parcels to Spain (2), Canada, Australia and Japan. I even sent one to Scotland and one to the 19th Century. Or Somerset, as it is known to the Royal Mail.

Several parcels had multiple items, and several of the items had, whilst waiting to be sold, managed to move around and had the be flushed out of cover.

Someone rang in with a telephone order just after lunch (as previously arranged by email) and things became a little trickier due to an equipment failure. It seems that if you leave a card terminal dormant long enough you have to reset it. We haven’t used for two weeks in lockdown, so, of course, it refused the payment and it took me twenty minutes to sort out before ringing the customer back to complete the sale.

The Minor Disaster relates to the ancient computer. It has been slowly crumbling and slowing down, and it is now making terrible grinding noises. On top of that it only works for ten to fifteen minutes before locking up and taking half an hour to close down.

I am now £379 poorer and will be picking up the new computer tomorrow night. There will be advantages, of course, like being able to use photographs again, but I will be having a few moments alone with my wallet to remember the cash and shed a few tears.

I’m using the netbook at the moment, and will struggle on for a few days. After all, it’s not like I’m just going to plug it in and start. It’s never that easy…

15 thoughts on “A Palindrome and a Minor Disaster

  1. jodierichelle

    Thank you for pointing out the palindrome that I lived through and never noticed. We do 11.20.20 here, and are much the poorer for it.

    A new computer is exciting!! Yay you! Is it Windows 10? There are some weird things in there that I turned off immediately. So if it frustrates you, just Google what to do.

    1. quercuscommunity Post author

      Ah, I may have slightly over-stated the palindrome (as in been wrong. 20.11.02 was the palindrome, I’m eighteen years late and blushing at my mistake). However 12.11.21 will be OK – 12th November for us and 11th December for you. 🙂

  2. Lavinia Ross

    Good luck with the new computer! The grinding noises in the old one were probably your hard drive and/or fans.

    Gets more interesting by the day over here. Wish us all luck. 🙂

  3. tootlepedal

    I like the palindrome which I hadn’t noticed as I didn’t send anyone a parcel. I was happy to see that a parcel will be crossing the border as we aren’t allowed to any more.

    I look forward to your disappointment when the new computer fires up and works perfectly from the word go.


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