Posting from the Pit

Sorry about the sudden disappearance. This is ironic considering that I had just been writing a piece claiming that I have such an over-riding writing habit that it was easier to write than not write.

It all started with me running out of ideas, then starting to write things that took me off at a tangent and, finally, into a pit of despair. It started with one of my normal rants about life and, as I did some research and developed a few ideas, like shooting politicians, castrating paedophiles and introducing chain gangs, I realised that I really needed to calm down and take a day off. It became two.

I’m calm now.

The fact that the Prime minister’s fiancée now seems to be running the country instead of Dominic Cummings caused a temporary flare up, but I have returned to normal. I don’t expect much from Boris, and once again he has managed to lower my respect for him.

Is it any wonder that I’m nursing ideas of firing squads?

However, I did enjoy this article, though irony strikes in several places. It was, for instance, the conduct of Labour PM Tony Blair that brought the word “crony” into common use in UK politics, and the MP asking the question is the sister of Keith Vaz. It’s not her fault she’s related to him, and the worse thing I can find to say about her is that she’s a solicitor. However, her brother

Well, can’t stay here chatting all day, now I’ve started writing again I have work to do.

13 thoughts on “Posting from the Pit

    1. quercuscommunity Post author

      It is very unsettling, particularly when things repeat themselves. My age group should get the Pfizer vaccine, according to a graphic in the newspaper, but it will be the last or penultimate group to do so. I imagine that this will mean I don’t get it – life has been a series of disappointments this year.

      1. quercuscommunity Post author

        There are many reasons for not sharing a tent with me. Julia just listed several. However, taking the moral high ground and assuming you are quoting LBJ rather than referring to my snoring or tendency to ferment, yes, I agree. 🙂

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