Study Number 1 - The Idiot


For years Julia has been asking me not to put tin lids into the washing up bowl, and I have been replying that the chances of cutting yourself are (a) very small and (b) even smaller than that unless you are a complete idiot.

We had our latest round of conversation on the topic only last week, as part of a larger conversation about dangerous things she conceals in the washing up water.

After that I suppose it was inevitable that I should stick my hand in the washing up bowl last night and catch myself on the lid of the bean can I had removed at lunchtime. The wound in my finger eventually stopped bleeding, but started again when I caught it on the edge of a box of pills  whilst trying to get my Warfarin out. Yes, Warfarin, the pills that allow me to bleed more freely.

There are several levels of irony here, and possibly a whiff of kharma.

By the time I got to work today we were be in lockdown. I had checked the ebay results and knew that I was going to work after dropping Julia off, as I already had six parcels to pack. The doors were locked and the lights were off and nobody tried the door, which was a relief as I wasn’t in the mood for telling people to bugger off . Well, I was, but not in a polite and professional manner.

One person rang to see if £20 notes with the AK47 prefix was worth anything to us. They aren’t. Collectors don’t want the and the novelty prefix market never really developed, despite the reports of the tabloids.

Someone rang with a”rare” Peter rabbit 50p. He wasn’t surprised to find that it wasn’t.

One person rang to see if £20 notes with the AK47 prefix was worth anything to us. judging from the accent it was the same person or a close relative checking to see if I’d changed my mind.

Then somebody rang to see if we were open. There had to be one…

I am not convinced that this lockdown is going to be as effective as the last one. People aren’t treating it as seriously, and small businesses can’t afford another month of being closed, particularly this close to Christmas.

We will just have to wait and see.



36 thoughts on “Kharma

    1. quercuscommunity Post author

      I’m keeping well thanks. I hope you are too. I’m waiting for people to start moaning about banning Christmas as I’m not convinced we will be out of it by then.

      1. The Belmont Rooster

        We are having record cases and even several people in my small community are testing positive now. A high percentage of people have gotten tired of the whole ordeal and have just started living normally again. We had our usual Septemberfest and Halloween festivities like nothing was happening. Downtown was full of people, most not wearing masks. It seems they think they need to get it to build an immunity. BUT, this thing mutates and their immunity may not be as good as they think. Plus, the second round may have a worse impact. I a sure we will have a Christmas parade. Schools are in session and sports are being played as always. GEEZ!

      2. quercuscommunity Post author

        It’s very difficult. I don’t recall ever feeling quite so low as the day they announced the new lockdown. It doesn’t affect me much because I’m not very sociable, but the isolation must be a real strain for some people and I can see the attraction of behaving normally. But as you say, it is mutating (look at all the cases Europe has just found in animals on fur farms) and the old rules about immunity don’t seem to work.

        I am gradually hearing about more cases and think that as people start to see more cases in the community it might make them think.

      3. The Belmont Rooster

        I don’t get out much either and rarely go out of town. So many people thought t was a joke in the beginning. Our using homes have been on lockdown since the beginning and the isolation has taken a toll on the residents. Their families can’t come and visit like before and they just go down hill. Pretty sad indeed…

  1. Helen

    Your day at work might not have been fun for you but it has provided me with a fun read. I’m glad you’re still getting business even if you also get exasperating calls.

    1. quercuscommunity Post author

      Yes, kitchen safety has made some big advances over the years. I think that has made me less inclined to think about the danger of cans. Modern openers are so much safer…

  2. charliecountryboy

    Now then, the secret is not to pull the lid all the way off. I then pour a little water in and pushing the lid back down gently swish the water around and pour the contents into pan with original content. The can goes into recycling straight afterwards. Here endeth the first lesson 😂

    1. quercuscommunity Post author

      Nice technique. I suppose it isn’t the first time you’ve been told that…

      I will do that in future. To be honest we don’t use many ring pull cans because they are often several pence more. (I am so tight I squeak when they remove the money from my hand.)

      1. charliecountryboy

        It’s been said lol, I’m only conscious of it because mother-in-law had arthritis in her hands so there was no feeling as she plunged her hands into the washing up bowl 😩

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