I Fell Asleep…

Sorry about missing last night. Around 10.30. knowing it was getting l;ate, I fell asleep in front of the TV and didn’t wake up until 12.30. I nearly did the same again tonight, but woke around 11.20.

I seem to be falling into bad habits.

We had our delivery from ASDA tonight. Once again I ordered celeriac and once again they failed to deliver. I’m beginning to get quite annoyed about this. I feel that celeriac is becoming an symbol of my separation from 21st century life. I mean, if you haven’t got any, how difficult can it be to strike it off the system? And if you have got some, why can’t I have it? It’s taking on an almost mythical status, as if Dan Brown is going to write a book about it, or as if ASDA are holding it back to feed their unicorns.

Celeriac and Unicorns – watch out for it in a bookshop near you next Christmas.

Meanwhile, it’s that time of year again. The time when the Poetry Society writes to me to tell me it’s time to submit my poems to the National Poetry Competition. As usual I will send two off – one costing £7 and the other free, because members of the Poetry Society get a free second poem. I never expect to win, but I do allow myself to dream about the life-changing consequences of being short-listed – the job offers, the paparazzi and the inevitable procession of invitations onto TV reality shows.

When the time comes I will accept invitations to do celebrity quiz shows and possibly the occasional documentary, but am going to avoid ones that include the risk of ridicule or eating the less attractive bits of Australian mammals.

I see they are filming I’m a Celebrity in Wales this year, which is likely to make it a very different sort of show, as kangaroo testicles are removed from the menu and the chances of young female participants showering in bikinis recede in direct proportion to the chances of hypothermia.

Having said that, I see that the show is at risk due to the new travel restrictions on travel to Wales.

Oh dear. It’s just past midnight – I seem to have missed posting for a second day.

I’m going to go to bed now and mull over the irony of police enforcing a travel ban, despite their reticence to take action over our burglary at the shop last year, or the general reluctance to take action over politicians breaking lockdown rules. Of course, when you read up on Dominic Cummings and his latest problem, you are left in no doubt that there is a two tier system in this country.




20 thoughts on “I Fell Asleep…

  1. heavenhappens

    Don’t get me started on Dominic Cummings and the two tier tax and legal system in this country. I had a demand for £89.15 from the DWP recently and a threat of debt collectors if it wasn’t paid by return of post! The debt incurred because they paid my poor husband a week too much pension after he died of Coronavirus in April. I imagine if I was a Tory Toff it would have been waived but being an ordinary grieving pensioner I can be bullied! It worked and I paid up. But I will never respect the politicians again- all of them because they do nothing and allow it to go unchallenged.

  2. Helen

    No need to apologise about napping rather than blogging. You need your sleep for poetry – good luck with your submissions.

    I will be most dismayed it ‘I’m a celebrity’ shooting goes ahead. What kind of message is that sending? Still, mixed messages seems par for the course 🤔

  3. Lavinia Ross

    Good luck with the competition, Quercus!

    It’s getting down into the 30s at night here now. It’s clear, for the time being, and wandering up into the lower to mid 60s during the day.

    1. quercuscommunity Post author

      A bit colder than us at night, a little warmer during the day. I could work with that. 🙂 Give it a month or two and I’ll be considerably less keen on your weather…

  4. Laurie Graves

    This post made me chuckle. Good luck with the poetry contest. Who knows? This time next year all thoughts of celeriac will be gone as you scramble to keep pace with a punishing schedule owing to your fame as a poet.


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