A Tale of Two Torontos

I’ve been to Peterborough today, which featured a visit to a garden centre, lunch with my sister, the cutting of a monstrous pyracantha, and the transfer of various junk from her to me, with a view to me taking it on another illegal jaunt to Leeds on Sunday. Actually, I just checked the regulations and I can visit to facilitate a house move. He cannot, however, travel to Nottingham and stand in my garden. It’s all a bit surreal.

The pyracantha is in my sister’s garden, well, half of it is. The other half has been removed. It’s still about over seven feet high, and some of the bits we took off were between five and seven feet tall. The branches were quite thick and resisted my heaviest pair of cutters – a set of Wilkinson Sword geared bypass loppers. They are OK, but the handles are a bit short to apply pressure when cutting the bigger bits and I struggled with branches over an inch in diameter. The newer ones, I note, have longer handles. I really should have taken a saw but I hadn’t realised how big they were.

My arthritic fingers ached a bit after I’d finished but have recovered now and the only remaining damage is in the form of scratches to my hands and forearms. It looks like I’ve been wrestling a cat. (Actually, last time I had to get a cat into a basket my arms ended up a lot worse.)

We had some photos from Number Two Son last night. He seems to have taken to life in Toronto with enthusiasm, having been camping in the woods as a birthday treat. The pictures are of trees and blue jays.

We spoke of Peterborough Ontario this morning too, my sister mentioning that when she had Googled Peterborough in the past she had ended up with the Ontario one and itb looked nicer than the English one. This led me on to a gem of trivia knowledge I came across last week when we sent some coins there – there is a Toronto in New South Wales.

Wonders will never cease.

The featured image is a soup. I’m using the netbook to post this and it’s even slower than the ancient PC, so I went for an easy option, as we had soup tonight.

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