Just a short post as I need to get to bed early – it’s flu vaccination day tomorrow, one of the biggest days in my social calendar. If it goes as well as my visit to the pharmacy today – a forty minute queue outside in a cold wind – it will probably cause more flu than it cures.

When I went to the Post office this afternoon I wasn’t able to send any post out because the computer system was down. There is, it seems, no manual system for sending post. There was a reasonably well-developed postal system in the seventeenth century, which they managed without computers and still found time to persecute witches and cultivate religious bigotry.

If I had time I would have a really good rant, particularly on the subject of pharmacy staff who don’t wear masks, but time, as I said, is short.

I seem to have been asleep most of the evening.

We had a couple of frustrating orders today – one where we’d got the postage wrong and faced a loss of £18 on the transaction and one where we seem to have sold the item through the shop and forgotten to remove it from eBay.

We bought a few lots in – mixed coins and a pair of First World War medals – sold a few bits, saw one regular customer and had to ask several people to put masks on.

I just need eighteen words and some photos and I will have done enough to meet the 250 word target – oh, I just did.

See you tomorrow with more ranting…

16 thoughts on “Computers!

  1. tootlepedal

    Ah the good old days! How I long to get back to the times when there were three deliveries a day and there was frost on the inside of your bedroom window and polio and TB. Oops, sorry about that. It is very annoying when computers don’t work.

      1. tootlepedal

        Fair enough….but then the poor sub postmasters/mistresses would have to do their accounts manually too (which after the recent PO computer scandal many might appreciate I suppose.).

      2. quercuscommunity Post author

        Yes, that was a dreadful thing. However, it isn’t long since it was all done manually. To get proof of posting I had to fill a form in and get it stamped, so it was hardly onerous for the postmaster.

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