Saturday Night

I tried the title with just the S, stuck my head down and typed. Even the S was missing when I looked. I can only suggest that I’m going to fast for it to keep up.

So, what’s happened this week that I haven’t already covered?

I changed my email a few weeks ago, though I haven’t used it much. I thought I’d start the changeover by having the new system take over the old, and to that end I set it up to receive all the emails sent to the old address. When I switched on next day I was unprepared for the full horror of the situation. I have over 9,000 emails stored on the old system, and I had thought that’s where they would stay. No so. The new system isn’t just looking at the new ones, it’s downloaded the 9,000 old ones too. I’m now getting rid of them but can only do 50 at a time. I’m down to 4,000. After yesterday’s marathon effort I’m going to do a few hundred a day from now on.

So that’s Modern Technology 1 Simon 0.

Then there was the camera battery debacle. My large Olympus, being based on an elderly design, takes AA size batteries. I have several sets of rechargeable batteries because it can run through a lot of power if you are out all day.

Yesterday the batteries in the camera ran out so I put them in the charger and slipped in a new set. They were flat. It’s possible that I had put a dead set in and mixed them with the live ones so I tutted, as you do, and put in another set.

They were flat too. As was the fourth set. This isn’t funny as it left me with no camera. They had all run down during lockdown but I’ve charged them up since then. Several of the sets should have been charged so I’m either going mad or the batteries are dying. That leaves me with a problem – buy new batteries for a camera that may not last a lot longer or just let the batteries die and retire the camera? I have Β anew camera for my own use, but am putting off using it because I have to learn a whole new set of controls, but I don’t want to use that for work. I’m going to charge them again and keep a check on them to see if it was my error, or if the batteries really are dying.

Modern Technology 2 Simon 0.

WordPress you already know about.

Modern Technology 3 Simon 0.

During the week I tried to sign on for Flickr as I really need to start organising my photos. It won’t allow me to sign up because my system is so out of date. I really am beginning to feel like a second class citizen.

Modern Technology 4 Simon 0.

However, all is not lost. I’m going to write a sarcastic post about modern technology, and probably ridicule it in a limerick. That’ll show modern technology who’s boss.

Now for fifteen minutes loading a photo…



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