My attachment to minimalistic titles continues.

My tendency to ramble and procrastinate is also well to the fore today. I have started this post twice, done some thinking for two other posts, which may never see the light of day and I have drunk deep from the well of clichés. Sometimes only a well-worn and hackneyed phrase will do.

I’ve just noticed that the evening has almost gone. I have been so busy snoozing and eating our traditional Friday night supper of fish and chips that six hours of my life have just melted away.

Last night, after posting, I settled down to examine a couple of magazines I am thinking of submitting to. One features the more experimental end of the haiku spectrum. I think I’m going to leave that alone at the moment as I’m not feeling particularly cutting edge or experimental. Haiku are hard enough without having to mess about with them.

The other magazine I was looking at tends to be a bit the other way. I spent a couple of hours trying to expand existing haibun to fit the lengthy, multi-haiku approach they favour, and it didn’t work. I then tried writing one from scratch. That didn’t work either.

This is both good and bad news. I have obviously developed a style I am comfortable with, which is good. I have obviously also become too comfortable with it, which is bad. There’s a fine line between developing a style and becoming a one trick pony.

It looks like I may be developing an artistic temperament. I’ll have to do something about knocking that out of me.

On a lighter note, I sat down to write a magazine article last night. Three hundred and fifty words later I finished. That is very short for a magazine article. In fact it’s far too short. It is, however, my typical blog length. It looks like blogging has helped me write regularly, but has developed a habit of writing in 250-350 word chunks. This piece, for instance, will be  three hundred and forty nine words when it is finished.

24 thoughts on “Friday

      1. quercuscommunity Post author

        Beach? Life is just one long holiday for some people…

        There is no rush as it won’t get less embarrassing or less funny with age. A bit like me really.

      2. LA

        Oddly. Not going to beach. Ling story long…friends rented a house in a beach community. We were supposed to go today and tomorrow. Friend just called…apparently its Mardi gras and outsiders not allowed in…

      3. quercuscommunity Post author

        Mardi Gras in September? I thought it was the same as Shrove Tuesday/Pancake Day. If I had a beach house you would always be welcome, but I haven’t so that’s not much help. Sorry your plans din’t work out.

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