One of those Cheerful Posts about Happy Things

If something is upsetting you, it needs addressing and the worst thing in my life this week has been WordPress. I have now made the first step towards my new life after WordPress. I am committed to another year, using the plug-in Classic Editor, but the countdown has begun. The Classic Editor, for me, is as good as the Classic Block, and has the added advantage of allowing me to relax as I write.

My email system, like WP, has recently had a so-called “new and improved” version and, as with WordPress, it’s time to move on. I have just signed up to a new provider who has a good clear system with plenty of useful features. I’ve been testing it and it seems OK so I’m going to start moving across to it. This is also part of my plan for the new blog.

I’m not quite sure what form the new blog will take, and don’t know where it will be hosted, but I do know that, unless a miracle happens, it won’t be on WordPress.

I think I’ve been conned over the garden fence issue, and I know I have the law on my side, but it’s easier just to go with the easiest route. Half a garden fence is cheaper than being proved right in court.

The dishonest customer is a bit more of an issue but Julia has told me that my plan of posting bits of dead animal to him is an over-reaction. The fact that I was going to use roadkill rather than killing things specially does not, in her eyes, make it any better.

I’m already beginning to feel better…

Foreign Banknotes

I found a list when we were clearing some old papers out. It was a list of inventions I was considering.

Top of the tree as ideas go, is compostable underwear. It’s like normal pure cotton underwear but with added potato starch. I’m sure you all compost your old underwear anyway, but this would have the added advantage (to the manufacturer) of programmed obsolescence.

Instead of wearing it for twenty years, people would have to buy new when it began to biodegrade, probably after three. Then they could chuck it on the compost heap, buy new stuff and feel virtuous.

Julia has just read this over my shoulder. She tells me that not everybody composts their old underwear. Well, shame on you, I say. I have composted cotton and wool clothing, and leather and cotton work gloves. Yes, even leather will compost away. Things with polyester can also go in the heap, but you have to go through it to retrieve the mesh of polyester left behind, so it probably isn’t worth the effort.

Anyway, that’s enough writing for one day. Time to load a photo or two and look at new blogging platforms.

We had gammon and roast veg for tea tonight, as in the photo. We also had a plum flan, but that didn’t last long enough for me to take a photograph.

Gammon and roast veg for tea

Last night we had new potatoes and mint from the garden (Julia has been growing them in containers) with a quiche that included our own tomatoes.

We picked more plums today and were given more figs. It’s a good time of year. It’s just a shame it means winter is on the way.


32 thoughts on “One of those Cheerful Posts about Happy Things

  1. Val

    If you are going to move somewhere else to blog, and don’t want the same sort of problems with a new host, then Blogger (who host Blogspot blogs) is probably your best bet. They still have an editor like the old classic one here, and now – unlike years ago – have a well designed dashboard (control settings for the blog). Also, most of the things you have to pay for on wordpress are free there. I’ve a couple of blogs there, one I keep meaning to open up to the public for my art work (but haven’t yet), the other just a test blog for myself. I made those when the block editor here was completely doing my head in, ‘just in case’ things went even more pear-shaped than they are now. So, it’s not just you who might flee this site…

    1. quercuscommunity Post author

      Yes, it was my first thought as I did once have a short-lived blog on Blogger.

      I’ve looked at reviews of a few others but your timely advice is making Blogger the favourite.

      1. Val

        If you use Blogger all you’ll need to spend money on (if you actually need one) is your own domain, otherwise, zilch. Typepad simply charges for using the site. Typepad would have been my preference before I ever came here but, at the time, I couldn’t afford it. Now I pay (on two of my blogs) simply to have the ads removed, and on my third blog for the ads to be removed and to have the domain name of my choice. But wp dot com is becoming more and more commercial, so I’m really not surprised at the way it’s going.

      2. Val

        Also, what you can do is export all your content (not sure about the images, I can’t remember if they transfer as well or not) from this blog to your new one. If you are going to get a new blog, do that long before you leave here, so that you’re all set.

      3. Val

        All you need to do when you’ve a new blog is to find the import button and import it from wherever you saved it on your computer. With a lot of content it might take a few hours to complete but it’ll happen by itself.

      1. Lavinia Ross

        You’ve been just fine, just ranting a bit. I’m sure more interesting tidbits are lurking just around the corner. I never know what fascinating factoid I will learn here. πŸ™‚

  2. GP Cox

    When it comes to computer problems, I am useless. I’m one of those people that ends up clicking on all sorts of buttons (some I never even tried before) 😷

      1. GP Cox

        Sometime (I was recently taught) we need to log out of our blog and log back in. I solved a “like” button problem like that after hearing this cure.

  3. tootlepedal

    Well it has been an exciting ride for your readers lately so I am glad that you have come to a certain degree of calm, even if it does mean that certain situations have not been closed to your satisfaction.

    I think I may have an advantage over you in that I have never expected life to work out well and if it does, as in the very fortunate matter of Mrs Tootlepedal, I take this as a gift not a right.

    I do get angry but mostly at TV directors who show presenters arriving at places as though the presenters hadn’t been there already, preparing the ground, meeting the interviewees and dropping off the cameraman first. It is an insult to the intelligence. Mrs T says it is an agreeable convention. On this we don’t agree…or knocking on a door and then going in to find the cameraperson has magically got in first. (Through a window presumably.)

    1. quercuscommunity Post author

      Oh, the stories I could tell you about antiques programmes…

      I find it is easier to go through life being annoyed at everything – it is easier in the long run and saves time.

    1. quercuscommunity Post author

      Lots of people seem happy with it. I think it may be that my computer is old and decrepit, like me. Add that to the fact it clearly isn’t an improvement, that I feel I’ve been bullied and that the rest of the week has been awful and it’s a unique set of circumstances. Hopefully your life, your week and your computer are all better than mine. πŸ™‚

      1. quercuscommunity Post author

        And I’m married to a woman who will, if asked nicely, walk to the chip shop to feed me. On balance I probably enjoy chips more than computers… πŸ™‚

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