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I spent several hours in the country today, as you may have seen, recharging my batteries and taking photographs. They aren’t great photos, but I managed to come up with some writing inspiration, do some shopping and clear up some odds and ends.

One of the things I did was to visit a local supermarket to check on the recycling situation. The paper and cardboard bins are fenced off and the book bin has been tipped on it’s front to stop people using it. The clothing bin now has a notice on it saying that it is now ready to take donations. I’m not sure why the recycling industry came to a halt during lockdown, and I’m definitely confused by the fact that it remains in such a shambolic state.


Bee on Honeysuckle

Our recycling bin at home, which is collected fortnightly, is sufficient for our ordinary recycling needs. We do, however, need something for clothing and textiles, and the books are building up.

Something I noticed today was that roadside litter bins are full, and rubbish is spilling on the floor. Again, I cannot see why lockdown is preventing these bins from being emptied.


Field of Wheat – nearly ready

My quest for wildlife to photograph, was not particularly successful and the photos are an ordinary sort of selection, though one or two will be useful writing prompts.

I managed to get some general shots of the countryside, a few flowers and berries and a bee. I would have liked to have stopped for a shot of a barley field, but the verge I needed to park was already taken by a group of joggers who had parked and were warming up for their run.  Apart from that, there just wasn’t much to photograph.


Fly on the Road



15 thoughts on “Posted in Haste – Forgot the Title

  1. tootlepedal

    What I can’t understand is why litter bins at lay-bys are always full to bursting. Do people fill their cars up with rubbish just to take it to a lay-by?

      1. quercuscommunity

        I haven’t bought clothes for a couple of years now, apart from a shirt and trousers for the funeral. I have enough and I don’t mind looking shabby. 🙂 It wasn’t a moratorium, I’m just tight and lazy.

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