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I loaded  yesterday’s post has been downloaded. It was touch and go, and I made it with less than ten minutes to spare. WordPress and my computer, appeared to become slower and more glitch-ridden as the deadline approached.

The last sixteen hours of the day were frustrating and unproductive and I’m afraid it showed in my post, and the two attempted posts which I discarded. There is a positive to be taken from that – I managed over twelve hundred words today, even if I did throw half of them away.

Julia has just read the post and commented that I appear grumpy. It’s probably a good thing she didn’t see the deleted drafts.


Cat Stamp

Whilst browsing the site I wandered into Waking up on the Wrong Side of 50. The subject for the last couple of days has been judging. Do we do it? Should we do it? Why do we do it? I do like a good

I do. And the reason I do it is because there are idiots about who need judging. Some of them actually need removing from the gene pool, but eugenics are out of fashion at the moment.

It would, I suppose be nice to live in a world where people weren’t judgemental. It would, of course, be particularly nice for idiots, who could do what they liked without fear that anyone would correct them.

Eugenics will, I’m sure, come back into fashion once doctors work out how to improve the children of rich people with expensive DNA modifications.

However, they should remember Kipling’s Arithmetic on the Frontier. when the revolution starts – ‘the odds are on the cheaper man’. Kipling might be derided for being old-fashioned and jingoistic but he’s often right in what he says, and he has a good turn of phrase.


Bear lurking in woodpile

In my visions of dystopian futures I’m not sure whether I see the downtrodden masses rising up or the robots taking over. They are both fairly dispiriting, but it’s probably most likely that we will just carry on as normal with the rich becoming richer and the poor becoming poorer.

The rich will live in air-conditioned bubbles and be attended by robot butlers while the rest of us wilt in the heat and pin our hopes on lottery wins and making it big on reality TV – bread and circuses as they say.

I have managed to make some progress today, despite being at work in a well-filled day. It’s amazing, but it’s living proof of the old saying – if you want something doing ask a busy man.

We had a man in the shop today who brought his children, It seems he used to buy coins from us 20 years ago. Having recently found his coin collection he showed it to his kids and they have become interested in coin collecting, so he came to buy them some coins. It’s good to see the passing of time summed up like this and it was good to see a father spending time with his kids. They will reap benefits in the future, both the time spent together and the time spent learning about the coins they collect. In the case of my kids it was mainly bird watching and rugby, but the principles are the same.


Sunset over Sherwood


The images are random shots of things that make me smile. I hope they have the same effect on you.




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      1. LA

        There was a us newscaster who’s been reporting from home. Apparently, he only dresses from the waist up, but on one of his broadcasts from home you could see his boxers….I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s happened more than once

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