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This isn’t the post I said I was going to write, you’ll have to wait for that. This is the post that covers what I did today after posting the previous post and making breakfast.

We had people in on Monday to dismantle the sheds and associated ivy/brambles/honeysuckle at the back of the garden. It has been a great aid to security, privacy and wildlife over the last thirty years, including highlights such as the fox cubs and breeding blackcaps. There’s never a year goes by without at least one nest in it and this year it is great tits. It’s difficult getting anyone at the moment as everyone wants work doing after lockdown and it’s two or three weeks before they can get back to finish off. This fits in well with the great tit family which should be fledged and away by the time we destroy their habitat.

When it’s all done I’m going to plant a mixed hawthorn and blackthorn hedge, which should provide a good habitat over the coming years.

For the moment it’s left a bit of  a hole in the fence and though we’ve plugged it, it isn’t very elegant. As the house is home to a curious beagle I was going to make a better job of it today, so after breakfast I set off. I’ve just been told to increase my dose of Methatrexate to the maximum level. It seems to be working as I have use of my hands and my feet are a lot better too. However, it does mean that I worry about the effect of suppressing my immune system.

When I got to my first call in search of stout stakes and chicken wire I was presented with a queue of people which was positively festering in a shopping centre with the micro-climate of a tropical butterfly house. To be honest, it’s just the atmosphere a virus needs to spread, so I left.

The next shop I tried had a longish queue and I tried two builder’s merchants too. The queue at one of them contained more people than I’d ever seen in the shop before (I used to be in regularly when I was a jobbing gardener and it rarely had more than six people in. There were 18 in the queue. All these queues were outdoors, but after my activity on Monday when we took the shed down my knee is still a bit tender and doesn’t respond well to a lot of standing.


Water Lily

Before returning home I went to Aldi where the usual bunch of idiots managed to get into my social exclusion zone, including one of the managers who entered via the exit as I was leaving and was so close I could feel their slipstream. I bought ripe avocados, which were made an excellent lunch.

After that I emailed the lady behind us to say I’d be a day or two later than planned with the fence, clipped the front hedge (I said my hands were better – I couldn’t have done this two weeks ago) and dead headed the poppies.

I tried to order the posts and wire I wanted online but, just like a supermarket, they take the order and then, as you pay, tell you that two items are out of stock. I was only ordering three items, so I wasn’t impressed.

I had to take Julia to hospital for a scan as a follow-up to the pre-lockdown episode and, when I returned there were two emails and a brown envelope for me (marked as being from the Tax Office).

The news is that the lady behind us has offered to do the patching of the fence, which will save me a lot of hassle because I’m working Thursday, Friday and Saturday. They could find no immediate fault with Julia, though they may find fault later after properly examining the results. The Tax Office want to give me £16 back, as I have over-paid.

This is all good, and a welcome lifting of the gloom that has been gathering around me over the last few months.

The second email was from a local literacy project (I emailed them last night to make sure I actually volunteered  instead of just intending to volunteer, as I so often do). They  aren’t doing much at the moment, but will be in touch when they are ready for more interviews and training.

Then, just to settle myself down after all this happiness, I spent an hour on the computer arranging tomorrow’s grocery delivery. This is an improvement on last week when I actually forgot to do it. Fortunately we had plenty in to last an extra week.

Only a few repeated photos, I have no new photos to share.

13 thoughts on “Getting Better

  1. tootlepedal

    I am very pleased that the methotrexate is having a good effect and I hope that you will be able to reduce the dose before too long as it is a bit worrying having a suppressed immune system at this time.
    We have just had our life suppressed here because nine people in neighbouring towns have foolishly contracted the virus.

    1. quercuscommunity

      I’m sorry to hear about your local resurgence of the virus. I am still staying at home most of the time, though this is clearly not something that many people see as important these days. Good luck with avoiding it.

      1. quercuscommunity

        Yes, caution is good in this instance. We are being cautious in the shop because if one of us gets it the others will have to close down and isolate. Fortunately we are all mildly paranoid in our own ways.

  2. derrickjknight

    I’m so pleased you can use your hands more easily, and that nothing was found to be wrong with Julia. A long time ago now I received a cheque for more than £300 fromInland Revenue. It carried no explanation so I rang my accountant and asked him what I should do about it. “Bank it”, he said. Strangely enough I hadn’t thought of that.

  3. Lavinia Ross

    The flowers are beautiful, even if they have been posted already. 🙂

    I am glad the methotrexate is working for your arthritis, and I hope Julia’s test results come out alright. It is good they didn’t find anything immediately wrong.

  4. jodierichelle

    I have been to plenty of stores and never even got out of the car due to the lines outside. Luckily, I plan ahead and am never desperate for anything. So I can just go some other time as you do.

    Glad Julia’s check up is good so far, and happy your hands are feeling better.

    Government notices always frighten me. They rarely want to give me or any of my clients money, so that’s a lovely turn of events.

    Lovely photos, certainly worth a repost!


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